Negima! #38 - The Eternal Question

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 04/23/2013

Plot Summary

Class 3-A has finally had enough of Negi and his philandering ways! They've devised an elaborate plot for revenge, but everything changes when they discover that their young teacher may actually have some small affection for one special girl. Can Negi escape with his secret intact, or will they make him talk?

Table Of Contents

  • 346th Period: Discovery? Negi Has A True Love!!?
  • 347th Period: The Love Won't Stop!!
  • 348th Period: We Have Ways Of Making You Talk
  • 349th Period: I Want To Protect Negi
  • 350th Period: An Endless Journey
  • 351st Period: Bye, Guys!
  • 352nd Period: 100 Years Of Memories
  • 353rd Period: Onward, To The Future
  • 354th Period: Magical Super Sleuth Yue
  • 355th Period: 3-A Forever

Spells/Attacks Use

Negi SpringfieldThunder In Heaven: Double Vigor
Evangeline McdowellNivis Casus
Yue AyaseDiffuse: Fulguratio Albicans
Limes Aerialis
Flans Paries Aerialis
Emittam: Dios Tykos
Emittam: Jaculatio Fulgoris
Emittam: Jovis Tempestas
Asuna KagurazakaNullification Field: Full Power
Haruna SaotomeInferno Dandy MK II
Yuna AkashiMagic Restricting Bullets
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