The End (Last Order)

The End (Last Order) is an anime episode of A Certain Magical Index that was released on 02/12/2009
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Since his defeat, Accelerator is no longer in the project to create the first level 6 esper. He no longer is known as the toughest level 5 in the city, though he still bears the same power.

As he is walking around the city he meets a young girl that turns out to be the last clone created for ``The Sisters`` project. The girl ,Last Order, takes a liking to Accelerator tags along with him. The next day at a diner Accelerator spots Amai Ao, a researcher for the 'sisters' project, however he chooses not pursue him. In the diner Last Order used the memories of the Misaka Network to try to convince Accelerator that he did not truly want to kill two thousand Misaka clones. Annoyed, he leaves her in the diner alone.

Disturbed by the presence of Amai Ao, he visits another researcher for `The Sisters` project, Yoshikawa. She then tells him of Amai`s plans of using Last Order to infect the Misaka network with a virus which will cause the other Misaka clones to go berserk and attack civilians. She tasks Accelerator with preventing the scheme and presents him with two options for doing so. He can either force Amai to explain how to disarm the virus, or get Last Order back to her incubator. He chooses to try and get her back to the incubator.

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