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The Encircling Walls Activated! The Whitebeard Pirates backed into a corner! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 10/31/2010
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Marineford Arc Review

Rating: TV-14
Length: 23:31
Whitebeard has finally had enough with the tricks of Sengoku and the Marines. First, they captured one of his sons, then turned another one against him with their twisted tales. Even ailing, Whitebeard is still the strongest man in the world, and they are about the feel the fury that will rock Marineford to it's very core. Still, the Marines have all these pirates surrounded in more ways than any of them know.

The Good

Whitebeard is all kinds of impressive from the very moment this episode really starts after the recap. Some really good animation on his landing and in most of his actions. From the moment he landed into the battlefield. He pulled a Babe Ruth with his bisento, pointing it right at Sengoku; and that smirk on his face. 

I do have to admit, when Whitebeard was starting that technique to cause all of Marineford to shift and tilt. I honestly first thought of the Dragon Ball fusion dance. That move alone was damn impressive. You can really understand why everyone was so dumb struck by it. Luffy's face sums it all up when he sees what happened.

It never ceases to amaze me just how little Luffy has been playing recently for the story. You'd think that having the protagonist playing such a minor role in his own series would feel horrible, but it doesn't at all. This is a humbling moment that shows both Luffy and us, as the audience, just how overwhelming this world can get. Luffy really feels like just a person within a huge war. Luffy feels present, but so insignificant. The characters are also impressive enough to make it justifiable.
The Marines pulled a pretty nasty trick in the end with that encirclement wall, but it's sound strategy. It's a war. So, you can hardly blame them.

The subtitles finally got it right. In the pervious episode, the subtitles were translating the Whitebeard Pirates' allies saying "oyassan" to mean "Old Buddy". Now, it's much more appropriately translating it as meaning "Pops".
I don't know about the rest of you, but when I saw the admirals after they deflected Whitebeard's attack , with all three holding their arms held out. I couldn't help but laugh as I thought they looked similar to the Supremes singing "Stop! In the Name of Love.". lol

The Bad

In a small way, the cliffhanger from the previous episode didn't really feel as if it rang true. I'm speaking of when Sengoku called out that Whitebeard was going to "run wild". That's not to say he wasn't doing some massive damage. For running wild. He spent most the the time standing in one place again. Though, he does have a hole in his chest. Allowances need to be made.
I can understand the frustration Squard's character must be feeling, but it's a tad irritating having him speak aloud the painfully obvious and taking up time. It's well performed drama. It's almost too kind how upset everyone is at the Marines for manipulating Squard. Marco then just strolls in and adds the perfect closing to the scene as well.
This episode was just filled with unexplained closure. In the last episode, we saw that Emporio Ivankov was in a heated fight with Bartholomew Kuma, who seemed intent on attacking him; and Jozu was being manipulated my Doflamingo through his devil fruit powers to face off with Crocodile. No explanation of how they got free of those predicaments.

Verdict 4/5

If you never understood why everyone in the pirating world was just so terrified of Whitebeard. All you need to do is watch this episode to understand. This will clear all that up, and this is him injured and sick. I'm not sure I can imagine him in his prime.
The animation quality went up a notch in this episode. You can pretty much tell they were saving the animation budget for all these epic scenes. I  just can't really call this episode perfect. Despite being really entertaining with excellent voice work, visuals, and action; but damn it was an entertaining ride. This was still a really entertaining episode with a thrilling finale. I would rate this a 4 out of 5.
Favorite Moment: All of Whitebeard's attacks

Least Favorite Moment: Squard's crying

WTF Moment: The Whole Island?!!

Favorite Character This Episode: Whitebeard

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