Plot Summary

Enyaba Geil is in shocked over her son's death. She starts splurting blood from her face by sensing the same pain that her son had felt. She thinks her son was killed by underhanded tactics, and she swears to kill her son's murderers. Jojo and his group are heading towards Varanasi by bus. Polnareff is busy chatting with Nena and telling her that Hol Horse is a bad man. Meanwhile, Joseph scratches his right arm where Nena's blood had splattered on. He notices his bug bite has swollen. Polnareff comments that it starts to look like a face. Joseph visits a hospital where a doctor tells him that they have to cut it off to prevent the poison from spreading. The doctor tries to cut the wound, but the flesh bud kills the doctor by turning the scalpel on him. The Empress on Joseph's arm tells Joseph that he mess him up.

When Joseph tries to cut off the Empress with his scalpel, Empress takes the scalpel with its mouth and slices off Joseph's pinky. The Empress brings up that only a Stand can beat a Stand and remarks that Joseph's Hermit Stand is useless. Then, Joseph tries to run away from the clinic. A nurse walks by and sees the doctor dead. Empress starts shouting that Joseph has done the deed, causing the nurse to call the police. Outside, Joseph tries to slam Empress into the wall. Empress sprouts arms and grabs the bars, and it starts yelling to alert the cops. Joseph uses Hamon Over Drive which doesn't work. He then uses Hermit powers to break free.

In the city, Polnareff still continues to talk with Nena, even flirting with her. Nena points to hotel in order to distract Polnareff from seeing Joseph. Joseph runs past Nena and Polnareff due to a busy crowd. At the same time, Empress eats a bunch of food including a live chicken. As a result, the thing got bigger and develop half a torso with arms and a head. Empress bites Joseph's arm. Joseph struggles to find the Stand user while trying to subdue Empress from attacking him with its fists. Around the corner, Nena starts a little lie where she confesses to Polnareff.

Afterwards, Joseph dunks Empress in a barrel of coal tar. Suddenly, Empress uses a nail to stab Joseph in the neck. Joseph feels his artificial hand breaking apart. Luckily, the coal tar on Empress hardens which prevents Empress from moving. Empress realizes that Joseph used spirit photography, using the ashes to make a spirit photo to locate the coal tar. Joseph uses his Hermit Stand to rip Empress to pieces. In an alley, Polnareff tries to kiss Nena. However, Nena starts bursting apart with another bigger woman coming out. It turns out Nena was camouflaging herself as a beautiful woman.

Later that night, Joseph has Polnareff drive the car. Then, a red car starts following Jotaro's group.

Points of Interest

Stands and Move Used

  • Hamon Overdrive
  • Purple Hermit
  • Empress

Manga & Anime Differences


  • Japanese Name: "Enpuresu" (女帝(エンプレス))
  • Manga Chapter: Ch 146-149 (Vol. 16)
  • Opening Theme: Stand Proud
  • Ending Theme: Walk Like an Egyptian

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