The Empire of the Cowardly Elder

The Empire of the Cowardly Elder is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 06/21/1979

Plot Summary

"Although some are labeled as cowards, true cowards are extremely rare. President Delmukade is the ony true coward that history has ever known." - Narrator

The trio enters Delmukade's palace
The trio enters Delmukade's palace
The Galaxy Express 999 experiences a critical breakdown and is left stranded hovering above the Planet of the Cowardly Elder. Moments later, the train car containing Maetel, Tetsuro, and the Conductor is pulled toward the planet. After safely landing, they are led by a mysterious voice to a subway system that takes to them to the palace of President Delmukade. Delmukade captures Tetsuro and demands that Maetel sell his body to him, but he is interrupted by Pascal, his son, who rescues Tetsuro. During the father and son reunion, it is revealed that Delmukade blamed every mistake he made on a citizen or underling, and executed them for it until he was the lone person living on the planet.
Delmukade turns his back on his son
Delmukade turns his back on his son
With the capture of it's passengers, the Galaxy Railways issues a decree that unless Delmukade surrenders within 10 minutes, his planet will be destroyed. The group plans to make their escape but at the last moment, Delmukade turns on the GE999 passengers and urges his son to escape abandon them and escape with him. Pascal refuses and Delmukade shoots him out of anger at his defiance. At this moment, Pascal realizes that his father executed his mother and Delmukade admits to the act with glee. With some quick thinking by Maetel, Tetsuro and the Conductor are able to escape but Pascal refuses to leave his father there to die alone. The GE999 passengers leave and because the President never surrenders, his planet is bombarded and destroyed.

Characters & Voice Actors

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