The Emperor and the Hanged Man: Part 2

The Emperor and the Hanged Man: Part 2 is an anime episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders that was released on 06/14/2014

Plot Summary

Hol Horse goads Jean into attacking him in rage. Noriaki warns Jean not to fall into Hol Horse's taunts. He tells him that they should fall back. Jean refuses to run away after his sister and friend were murdered. Jean sees Centerfold's Stand in the window reflections and tries to figure out where the enemy is or where to escape. The ground has many puddles where the enemy can lurk. As Centerfold starts provoking Jean about how he killed his sister, Jean destroys the window out of anger. However, the tiny glass shards still hold a reflection. Centerfold boasts that his Silver Chariot cannot cut his Stand since he is within a mirror safe from Silver Chariot's reach. Before Hol Horse and Centerfold could kill Jean, Noriaki uses Emerald Splash to destroy the bullet and pushes Jean out of the way. Noriaki grabs Jean and drives away. Hol Horse cannot shoot at them because they are out of his range. His bullets will lose force.

In the truck, Noriaki hits Jean's face with his elbow as proof that they had made up. Meanwhile, Jotaro and Joseph finds Avdol's dead body. Jean wonders how he can enter the mirror world. Noriaki tells Jean that there is no world. It's just a reflection created by light. The Hang Man Stand appears on the steel plate that is part of the steering wheel. Noriaki swerves the truck to avoid getting stabbed. Once the truck crashes, Jean notices how Centerfold's Stand travels from reflective surface to reflective surface. A child strolls by to ask about Noriaki and Jean's well being. Jean and Noriaki notices the Hang Man attacking them from the reflection of the child's eye. Jean frantically tells the boy to look away and assures him that he's okay.

Centerfold asks Jean if he's going to stab the young kid's eyes. Then, Jean announces that he will defeat him. He kicks sand into the young boy's eye which forces the Hang Man Stand to be in Jean's eyes. Jean states that as long as he can read Centerfold's trajectory, he can be cut with a sword. Jean and Noriaki heads towards a ruin where they hear a man scream. Even though Jean thought he found his killer, Noriaki realizes the man has only 1 right hand. The real Centerfold comes out and states that he set up a trap for them. Then, he calls a group of men and lies that Jean and Noriaki will give them money. Once the group of men surround Jean and Noriaki, Centerfold's Stand is in one of the eyes of the mob.

Centerfold starts making fun of Jean's sister as he slices Jean and Noriaki. Noriaki starts announcing that he will avenge Avdol's death by revealing a gold coin. Noriaki tosses the coin in the air forcing everyone to look up. Jean kicks up dirt which causes one of the men to blink. Once Centerfold's Stand leaves, Noriaki slices Centerfold's Stand. Centerfold tries to run away. Noriaki finishes off Centerfold. Jean finally gets his revenge for his sister.

Later, Hol Horse catches up to Noriaki and Jean. He smiles with confidence and calls out Centerfold by shattering all the windows and any reflective glasses. Jean explains that Centerfold is no more. Hol Horse refuses to take Jean's jokes. When Jean points towards the body, Hol Horse starts running away. Jotaro knocks out Hol Horse around the corner, Joseph informs them that they had buried Avdol's body. Before Jean could finish off Hol Horse, Nene tackles and pin Jean down. She urges Hol Horse to run away. The man runs away on a horse, thanking Nene. Joseph bandages Nene's scraped elbow. Some of Nene's blood slash on Joseph's arm. Joseph reminds them that they have to go to Egypt after 15 days has passed. Nene stares at Joesph's elbow which has a strange bud formed.

Points of Interest

Hol Horse's Stand's bullet loses force if it goes outside of his shooting range.

Stand Used

  • Emperor
  • Hanged Man
  • Silver Chariot
  • Hierophant Green - Moves Used: Emerald Splash

Manga & Anime Differences


  • Japanese Name: "Enperā to Hangudoman Sono 2" (皇帝と吊られた男 その②)
  • Manga Chapter: Ch 143-146 (Vol. 16)
  • Opening Theme: N/A
  • Ending Theme: Walk Like an Egyptian

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hirohiko Araki Original Concept Creator of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures


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