The Emperor and the Hanged Man: Part 1

The Emperor and the Hanged Man: Part 1 is an anime episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders that was released on 06/07/2014

Plot Summary

On a boat to India, Joseph shares his impressions of India, a place where one eats curry and can fall ill at anytime. Jean expresses concerns that his body won't be able to handle the culture gap. Avdol assures them that India is a nice country. Arriving in Calcutta, Jotaro's crew gets overwhelmed by the Indian folks who welcome them and ask for various things while suggesting things. Once the gang get some peace at a restaurant, Jean heads to john, but he gets handed a weird stick. A few minutes later, Jean rushes out of the bathroom in fear. He points out that there is pig's head sticking out of the toilet. The staff demonstrates that the stick is for hitting the pig, so the pig go back inside. Jean realizes the pig's food is human feces. Then, Jean notices an ominous presence in the mirror since the enemy is not in the window. Jean realizes this enemy uses the Mirror Stand. He runs out to find the Stand user, but he cannot find the enemy due to huge crowds. Jean alerts his group about the Stand user who had killed his little sister. He tells his group that he will go off alone to kill his enemy. Avdol warns Jean that the enemy is going to kill him when he's alone. The two men get into an argument. Jean argues that he doesn't care about Dio and traveled with them to get his vengeance. He pokes at Avdol's pride for running away from Dio. Before Avdol could punch Jean, Joseph stops Avdol and states that no one can change Jean's mind. Avdol shares he's disappointed in Jean.

Somewhere in India, a man drops an Indian woman off his elephant. The Indian woman asks the man, Hol Horse, to make her into his wife. Hol Horse tells her that she is too young and of royal birth. He admits he does love her. Hol Horse notices Centerfold eavesdropping on his conservation. Hol Horse reveals his true colors of using women. When a cobra attacks, Hol Horse uses his Emperor Stand to shoot the cobra, decapitating it. Then, Centerfold has his Stand, in the wine bottle's reflection, cut the cobra's head into pieces. At the hotel, Joseph and the gang wait for Jean and assume he won't be joining them. Out in the rain, Jean asks several Indian citizens about the man with two right hands. Hol Horse confronts Jean and confirms Centerfold is nearby. Hol Horse mentions that the gun is mightier than the sword after revealing his Stand's powers. Jean and Hol Horse laughs at each other before trying to kill each other. Jean has Silver Chariot strips it armor to get enough speed to slice the bullet. However, Hol Horse's bullet is a part of his Stand. The bullet dodges Silver Chariot's rapier. Before it hits Jean, Avdol jumps in and pushes Jean out of the way. Avdol warns Jean that the enemy knows everything about him. He uses his Magician's Red in an attempt to burn the bullet.

Hol Horse mentions it's his lucky day since Avdol's flames would be effective against their Stands. Noriaki holds Avdol's body and tries to wake him up. Much to everyone's horror, Avdol is dead. Jean remarks that Avdol deserve this for meddling in people's businesses. Noriaki is angry at Jean for taking Avdol's sacrifice seriously. Though, Jean shed tears over Avdol's sacrifice because of having everyone die on him is annoying.

Points of Interest

  • Chai is a sweet drink made by boiling black tea, sugar, and ginger with milk.

Stand Used

  • Emperor
  • Hanged Man
  • Silver Chariot
  • Magician's Red

Manga & Anime Differences


  • Japanese Name: "Enperā to Hangudoman Sono 1" (皇帝と吊られた男 その① )
  • Manga Chapter: Ch 140-142 (Vol. 15)
  • Opening Theme: STAND PROUD
  • Ending Theme: N/A

Characters & Voice Actors

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