Fairy Tail #12 - The Doomsday Weapon

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 10/17/2008

Plot Summary

Jellal reveals that he wants to sacrifice Erza to resurrect Zeref. Before Erza gets absorbed by the lacrima, Natsu rescues her and knocks her out. Natsu and Jellal have a fierce battle that results in the death of Simon. This causes Natsu to eat the Etherion which fuels his rage. After Natsu defeats Zeref, the tower of heaven starts to implode. Erza decides to sacrifice herself to save Natsu by merging with the lacrima.

In Erza's vision, she sees a sad future for Fairy Tail as everyone mourns for Erza except Natsu. Her vision ends with Natsu holding her bridal style. He tells her that one should live for their friends; Erza agrees as she cries when her friends go out to embrace her.


Chapter 92: Destiny - "Desutinī" (運命(デスティニー)

Chapter 93: Pray to the Sacred Light - "Seinaru Hikari ni Inori o" (聖なる光に祈りを)

Chapter 94: One Person - "Hitori no Hito" (ひとりの人)

Chapter 95: Sleeping Beauty Warrior - "Nemureru Tō no Ohime-sama" (眠れる塔の女騎士)

Chapter 96: Meteor - "Mītia" (流星(ミーティア)

Chapter 97: A Life as a Shield - "Inochi no Tate" (命の盾)

Chapter 98: Dragon Force - "Doragon Fōsu" (ドラゴンフォース)

Chapter 99: Titania Falls - "Titānia, Chiru" (妖精女王(ティターニア)、散る)

Chapter 100: To Tomorrow! - "Ashita e" (明日へ)



  • Gemini, the celestial spirit is seen with Gray on the "Dragon Force page" in this volume.
  • In the afternote, Mashima explains a goof that he drew Erza crying out of two eyes in a earlier chapter.
  • In the afternote, Mashima reveals to his readers that this is the 100th installment of Fairy Tail.

Full Plot Summary

Jellal tricks Erza by telling that he is a puppet of Zeref and he wants to die with her. As the two hug, etherion strikes down the tower of heaven revealing it's true purpose. It's a giant lacrima crystal tower that has absorb Etherion's magical energy. Jellal reveals that he and Siegrain are the same person and as Erza gets pulled in the etherion due to Jellal's magic, Natsu appears and pull her out. After a comedic moment between Erza and Natsu, Natsu punches Erza in her stomach knocking her out. Natsu tells Jellal that Erza is best when she's violent and strong and he and Jellal immediately fight.

During the battle between Jellal and Natsu, Natsu has made Jellal very angry when Natsu finds out Jellal needs his tower. Natsu infuriates Jellal by damaging the tower and making Jellal attack his tower. However, Jellal proceeds to use Altairis on Natsu, but Erza blocks Natsu which makes Jellal pause his attack. Yet, the impatient Jellal does not care anymore and uses Altairis on them. After the smokes has clear, Simon is standing in front of Erza and Natsu and he collapses right in front of Erza. As Simon is dying, he tells Erza he always love her because she is kind. When Erza cries out and Jellal laugh at Simon's death, the enraged Natsu smacks Jellal across the room. As Jellal recovers, he sees Natsu eating etherion. At first, Natsu's body cannot take in the Etherion, but Natsu finally powers up. Natsu unleashes all his fury on Jellal, and as soon Jellal tries to use the abyss break on Natsu, he stops because of a wound inflicted by Erza. Using this moment, Natsu finishes off Jellal.

Erza's flashback and visions

Erza remembers that Porlyluscia gives her a glass eye and how she cries out of one eye. During her vision, Erza sees that her sacrifice brings a sad future to everyone because Natsu's disbelief causes everyone to shed more tears.

Specials: "Explain the mysteries of Fairy Tail," Fairy Tail Guild'D Art, Afternote

In the after note, Mashima explains that he wanted to stop Fairy Tail at its 10th volume, but due to many warm supports, he continued writing Fairy Tail. Also, Mashima explains how the Erza chapter parodies his former work, Rave Master and the foreshadowing of Erza's eye.


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