The Doomsday Dragon Chain Cannon

The Doomsday Dragon Chain Cannon is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 07/23/2011
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Natsu and Gray bump into Erza Knightwalker; Erza takes the two guys tied to Faust. As she threatens Natsu, Gray makes the key and activates the Dragon Chain Cannon. However, the team tricks Faust and tries to force him to change the cannon's trajectory. Yet, the real Knightwalker appear and foil team Fairy Tail. Coco and Lucy take the team and head to where Gajeel and Happy are on the lacrima island.

Plot Summary

Wendy and Charle get pelted by rocks
Wendy and Charle get pelted by rocks

The two Erzas continue their fight, and they are about to clash. Happy does the recap of the episode with a special lecture. He goes back when the Fairy Tail guild gets suck by Anima, how they have to rescue their friends from being converted to magic, and about their Edolas counterparts. With the recap done, Charle and Wendy march into the village of Extalia. As every Exceed stare at Wendy and Charle, Wendy asks them to step aside, so they can see the queen of Extalia. Nady appears and informs Charle that a Fallen and a human cannot be together. He asks Charle what has happen to Nichiya and the guards. Charle replies that they have been turn into lacrima. Yet, the Exceeds laugh and scoff at the idea except Nady who keeps on waving. The Exceeds start pelting Charle and Wendy, and Wendy yells at them that Charle is an Exceed like them. Despite Wendy's words, the Exceed continue to pelt them. Wendy hugs Charle, who is crying, to protect her from the rocks.

"You&squot;re going to be my cat whether you like it or not!"
"You're going to be my cat whether you like it or not!"

Back at the lacrima island, Gajeel is still battling Pantherlily. When Gajeel asks why Pantherlily is fighting for Faust, Pantherlily replies that he has forsaken his homeland. Upon hearing his answer, Gajeel recalls being forsaken by his guild members. Gajeel happily destroys Pantherlily's Buster Ma'am, and as he charges at them, he tells Happy that he will make Pantherlily his cat. Gajeel's face lets out a creepy, happy look much to Happy's comedic terror. Pantherlily, who has none of his cape or helmet, eagerly attacks Gajeel. The two start brawling with their fists without even dodging. Happy thinks Gajeel forgets their goal, yet Gajeel and Pantherlily are happy. Back at the castle, Natsu finds Gray and shakes Sugar Boy violently. When Gray asks Natsu about Lucy, Coco is seen trying to pull Lucy free. Lucy is stuck under Byro's body. Gray explains that the king and the cannon are lock by a door/ or device that can cancel magic. Erza Knightwalker finds Gray and Natsu. While Natsu thinks Erza Scarlet has lost, Gray's key shatters.

Oh Lucy! You're so uptight
Oh Lucy! You're so uptight

Erza walks to the room where Faust and the cannon resides. By dragging Gray and Natsu who are tied up, the soldiers agree to let Erza in. Meanwhile, Lucy Ashuray is waiting for her informant with Edolas Natsu and Gray worried about her. Lucy explains that she will use the information to convince everyone. When Gray thinks Lucy is uptight, Gray and Natsu hide behind a rock and apologize at the same time. Back at the castle, Erza explains to Faust that Gray can make the key. With Faust approving Erza's decision, she threatens to kill Natsu and forces Gray to activate the cannon. Gray forms the ice key, and everyon gaze at his ability. He plunges the key into the lock; as the cannon power up, Gray thinks how he can change the cannon's trajectory. The city outside the castle glows red. Lucy and Coco run quickly while observing the city changing. The castle erupts with red light. Meanwhile, outside of castle grounds, Edolas Gajeel hurries on his motorcycle.

Erza and her counterpart clash for another round
Erza and her counterpart clash for another round

At the castle, Erza lets Natsu go which reveals to be Erza Scarlet. She grabs Faust and requips into her regular armor, and she demands the soldiers to change the cannon's trajectory. The soldiers willingly change the cannon's trajectory, but Knightwalker jumps down to attack Erza. Knightwalker's appearance causes the soldiers to change the cannon back to its original plans. The cannon's chain dragon shoots out and crashes at the bottom of the lacrima island.

Knightwalker's shame
Knightwalker's shame

Lucy and Coco arrive by riding a Legion (giant, monstrous dragon). Team Natsu escapes on the Legion's back. Knightwalker cuts her hair in humility, and she tells them to chase after Natsu's gang. Faust tells them to get Droma Anima ready, but the soldiers hesitate due to being a forbidden craft. At the island, Pantherlily explains that their plans have finally begun. As the Legion heads towards Gajeel and Happy's location, Natsu tells his gang to hurry while he strips off his clothes to reveal his new yellow shirt.

Points of Interest

  • Happy keeps fish in his backpack. He tries to offer to Pantherlily but it fails.
  • Gajeel declares he will make Pantherlily his cat.
  • Fanservice: As Coco pulls Lucy who is stuck under Byro, her breasts bounces twice. Making Lucy the female with the most gainax bounce. Erza is second due to her battle with Cobra.
  • Lucy Ashuray's informant is Edolas Gajeel.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Gajeel's flashbacks in the manga are mostly about him not having cats like Wendy and Natsu. Compared to the anime, his flashbacks focus on the beatings he endured from Jet, Droy, and Laxus.
  • In the manga, Erza Scarlet steals Knightwalker's clothes such her bra and scarf leaving Knightwalker wearing a cape to cover her breasts. Compared to the manga, Knightwalker is in her regular clothes. This implies that Erza Scarlet has never stolen Knightwalker's clothes in the anime version.

In the manga, Wendy and Charle bleed from the rocks whereas in the anime, they have no signs of blood.

  • Also, (in the manga) Erza Scarlet who is disguised as Knightwalker has her clothes tattered and torn with her body covered in bruises.
  • The Dragon Chain Cannon's insignia is different.
  • Edolas Gajeel and the conversation between Lucy Ashuray, Natsu Dragion, and Gray Surge only occurs in the anime version.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Masashi Sogo Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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