The Doctor Has Arrived

The Doctor Has Arrived is an anime episode of Beelzebub that was released on 05/29/2011

Touhoushinki Arc

The Doctor has Arrived - "Isha ga Kimashita" (医者が来ました)

Hilda calls in a doctor from the Demon World to heal Beel of his illness, but to do so, Oga has to restore his link with the demon infant. However, to accomplish this Oga must venture through the bizarre world of his own mind.

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Opening Theme

"The First Goodbye" by On/Off

The doctor is in!
The doctor is in!

Oga enters his home to find Hilda awaiting his return, along with two alien-looking like beings, who informs him that she has called a doctor from the Demon World to heal Beel. As they enter his room, he notices a small looking girl who begins to insult Oga's scent of poverty. Unable to believe that "this brat" (in Oga's words) was a doctor, the mentioned doctor (which is a blue blob looking thing) comes inside and explains that Beel has an illness called "Royal Fever", a condition which commonly strikes royalty with a large amount of latent power. He continues saying that Beel became sick because he subconsciously cut the link between him and Oga. The reason why the demon baby did this was because since human assistance is required for him to unleash his magical power, his magical power was growing too great for Oga to handle, hence if he would have not cut their link, Oga would have died from the the excessive flow of power. Oga, believing that this is probably the reason why he found Toujo as his new parent, is corrected by Hilda who tells him that if that were true, then Beel's magical power would have been released and his fever would have gone down by now. However, this is not happened. She also adds that despite his immense strength, Toujo lacks malice, which makes her wonder why Beel is sticking to him.

Toujo: Come here boy!
Toujo: Come here boy!

The scene then cuts to Toujo which shows how he had found Beel. As him and Shoji were walking home, he noticed Beel near a pile of garbage and approached him. As he called out to him, telling him to come over, Beel mistakens him for Oga, and attaches himself to Toujo's leg. Toujo, finding this extremely cute, tells Shoji that he's keeping him.

Oga finds himself in his own bizarre mind.
Oga finds himself in his own bizarre mind.

Back to Oga, Hilda tells him not to lose yet and that he must save the master at all costs. Lamia then prepares a pistol with Hilda giving her the signal to shoot Oga. Oga, who doesn't understand what's going on, demands they tell him what they're going to do. Hilda merely explains that they're going to help him reestablish the link between him and Beel to which Oga refuses and says that he just wants to beat Toujo. However, Lamia shoots him anyways with a spirit drug she claims is made of Uroboros' bones which will send him into a world that's a fixed loop in his mind and that the only way for him to escape is to restore his link with Beel.

Furuichi explains Oga's dangerous situation.
Furuichi explains Oga's dangerous situation.

In his own mind, Oga finds himself in a bizarre place filled with random objects and patterns. Unsure where he is, a buffed Furuichi shows up and tells him that he's inside his own mind. After mentioning his name, Furuichi says that his name is not Furuichi but Montesquieu and hits Oga in the face with an attack called the "Three Branches of Government". Oga asks why he hit him, but Furuichi denies ever hitting him. He then begins to explain to Oga that he's in a dangerous situation whereby he's stuck in a loop (like an Oroboros eating its own tail) and that in order to escape he has to find a key. Not understanding, Furuichi ends by floating back into the sky without clearly elaborating what he means.

Oga's conscience shows up.
Oga's conscience shows up.

As Oga begins to contemplate Furuichi's words, he starts to understand what happened. Still, he exclaims his disbelief over the stupid things that are in his mind such as the Himekawa and Kanzaki flowers, the Kunieda and Hilda trains, and the Alaindelon sheep. He suddenly figures out the pattern and guesses that the next one to show up is himself, which he guesses correctly. As an angel-like version of himself appears, Oga states that he probably has to beat him to get out, but his alter ego explains that he does not like violence and that violence does not solve anything.

Oga finds Beel.
Oga finds Beel.

As he goes on talking about negotiations and sharing ideas and feelings, Oga punches him, telling him that that sounds like a pain. However his alter ego gets up and tells him to punch his other cheek. Oga does this but in doing so, his other self begins to multiply repeatedly, forcing Oga to punch him to near exhaustion. After trying to hit him again, Oga gets lost in a cloud of mist and finds Beel fast asleep in the middle of a magic circle. Meanwhile, Hilda, Lamia and the doctor observe his progress and note that he had found Beel and that the hard part, the rejection, is just beginning.

Elsewhere, Toujo tells one of his right-men, Kaoru, that he fought Oga but as Kaoru was about to tell him that the baby was Oga's, Kanzaki and Himekawa emerge from the shadows and tell Toujo that they want to join in on the fun.

Back to Oga, Lamia comments that since he's been out for almost 6 hours, then he must have failed and died. But suddenly Oga wakes up and grabs the girl, ready to deliver her punishment for her rude manners. Relieved to see him up, Hilda asks how he feels with him replying that he feels awful.

Ending Theme

"Show of Courage" by Shoko Nakagawa

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