The Devil

The Devil is an anime episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders that was released on 05/23/2014

Plot Summary

In Singapore, a police man tries to fine Jean for littering, but the man mistakes Jean's luggage for trash. The group thinks about Ann who has to wait 5 days for her father. Joseph then books five hotel rooms since Ann does not want to stay in Jean's room. Jean enters his room and already notice the presence of an enemy because the man had took out everything from the fridge. Soul Sacrifice introduces himself and that his Stand is called the devil. He attacks Jean with his Stand, but he gets stabbed in the eye by Jean's Silver Chariot's rapier. After Soul Sacrifice falls over the balcony, Jean's right heel gets cut by a mysterious force. Jean calls Avdol to inform him about the attack. He then calls room service for some bandages. Joseph calls Jotaro and Noriaki to meet up in Joseph's room. As Jean searches for his key, he reaches for his desk. Suddenly, a doll uses cords to tie Jean underneath the bed. The doll saws off the legs of the bed after dumping shampoo on Jean's face. The room service man arrives with medicine, and he gets killed by the doll. The doll engages Silver Chariot, but the doll has the overwhelming advantage due to Silver Chariot and Jean having the same viewpoint. Jotaro and Noriaki visit Ann and warn her not to open her door to strangers.

Jean suffers massive wounds during his fight. In Jean's fight, he has Silver Chariot grab the doll with bed sheets. Silver Chariot manages to cut the cord while breaking the doll's spear. The doll breaks the wine bottles and drench the bed area with alcohol and other liquids. He short circuits a blow dryer until it spews flames. Before he could ignite the liquid, Silver Chariot skewers the doll and the blow dryer due to Jean using shards of mirrors to increase his sight line. Jean asks the doll if he knows anyone who has two right arms. He destroys the doll. One of the hotel staff find Soul Sacrifice's dead body. While the police interrogates Jean, one of Speedwagon Foundation's men arrive.

Meanwhile, Joseph uses Purple Hermit's powers to peek in the future. The TV spells a sentence about Dio's servant, Noriaki. Joseph states that Noriaki is Dio's Trojan Horse.

Points of Interest

  • Soul Sacrifice is an Native American and medicine man who is an assassin.
  • Rubber Soul is disguising himself as Noriaki at the end of the episode.

Stand Used

  • Ebony Devil
  • Silver Chariot
  • Purple Hermit


  • Japanese Name: "Debiru" 悪魔 (デビル)
  • Manga Chapter: Ch 133-136 (Vol. 15)
  • Opening Theme: STAND PROUD
  • Ending Theme: Walk Like an Egyptian

Characters & Voice Actors

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