The Devil Goes on a Date with His Junior in Shinjuku

The Devil Goes on a Date with His Junior in Shinjuku is an anime episode of The Devil is a Part-Timer! that was released on 04/18/2013
The Devil is a Part Timer!
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Something supernatural seems to be going on with Chiho. Meanwhile, it's possible Maou doesn't really understand the concept of a "date"... but it's not long before everyone has much bigger problems on their hands.
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Plot Summary

The Devil Goes on a Date with His Junior in Shinjuku
Maō, Shinjuku de Kōhai to Dēto Suru
TranslationThe Devil King Goes on a Date with His Junior in Shinjuku
Theme Music
Ending"Sankaku e.p."
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Sadao sends a text to his co-worker Chiho, and the two of them agree to go out together on their day off. However, Chiho has been hearing some strange voices in her room and feels that there will be another earthquake soon.

Back at Sadao's house, Ashiel notes that the hero apparently returned their spare house key last night, saying that was a heroic thing to do and that he would have just kept the key in her position.

Later that day, the newspeople talk about evidence that shots were fired and a damaged bike was found at the scene. Emi shrugs it off and heads to work, only to receive two calls. One from a mysterious voice that seems to know of her and Sadao's true identities and threatens to kill them. A second one from the dark lord himself, asking her to pick him up from the police station after he was taken into custody with Ashiel. After she reluctantly helps him out, she tells him not to get killed by this unknown person until she's had a chance to do it.

The next day, Ashiel takes Sadao out to shop for new clothes before he goes on a date with Chiho. Both Emi and Ashiel end up stalking them to a nearby cafe, where Sadao hears Chiho tell him about a voice she's been hearing and how it might be linked to the recent earthquakes through magic. Just as Emi and Chiho start arguing over Sadao, another earthquake hits the region, trapping them under the rubble. Emi makes Chiho fall asleep with her magic while Sadao reveals that he's been partially transformed back into his demon form. Emi considers using the last of her magic to kill the dark lord in his demon form, but instead he tries to help them escape.

Points of Interest

  • No eyecatches are used for this episode.

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Naoto Hosoda Director
Satoshi Wagahara Original Concept Satoshi Wagahara is a writer.
Masahiro Yokotani Writer Writer


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