The Devil Carries Out His Duties

The Devil Carries Out His Duties is an anime episode of The Devil is a Part-Timer! that was released on 06/20/2013
The Devil is a Part Timer!
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The archangel Sariel is willing to torture people to get what he wants, and he's confident that no one can stop him- but he didn't realize quite how seriously Maou takes his responsibilities.
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

The Devil Carries Out His Duties
Maō, Onore no Shokuseki o Hatasu
TranslationThe Devil Fulfills His Duty
Theme Music
EndingTsuki Hana
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Ashiya struggles to leave the hospital in order to avoid paying more on his bill. When he spots Olba, Olba punches Ashiya in the stomach and takes Ashiya's card. Meanwhile, Sariel tortures Emi into giving him his better half, and he tells Suzuno to take out Sadao. After Sadao smashes the barrier, Suzuno tries to smash Sadao. Sadao changes out of his MgRonalds' attire much to Suzuno's embarrassment. He points out that Suzuno had caused Ashiya pain after infusing the food with Celestial magic and that he knew Suzuno's true motives. When Suzuno stops attacking Sadao, Sadao leaves her to defeat Sariel. Over at Sadao's Residence, Olba meets up with Lucifer.

On the tower, Sariel opens Emi's shirt and remarks how Emi's bust size doesn't interest him. After he states that he will investigate Chiho's body, the two girls start insulting him. As Sadao arrives, Sariel informs Sadao that he needs the sacred sword from Chiho's body, the heavenly silver that forms the better half. Sariel starts blasting Sadao. Meanwhile, Olba starts chanting while Lucifer explains to Suzuno that this is an ideal place to cause a panic. Suddenly, all the magic that is generated from fear engulfs Sadao. While Sadao frees Emi, Suzuno protects Chiho from being crushed by Sadao's presence. Nearby, Lucifer asks Olba to give Emilia's purse to him. When Olba finds Lucifer on Emi's side, Lucifer knocks him out. During the heat of the battle, Sariel keeps fleeing from Sadao until Sadao tricks him by assuming Chiho's form. Sadao rescues Emi who stated she is all exhausted. He finishes off Sariel. With the battle over, Sadao and the girls get into an argument over Sadao in his underwear.

Points of Interest

  • According to Suzuno, Sariel gets more powerful as he gets closer to the moon.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Satoshi Wagahara Original Concept Satoshi Wagahara is a writer.
Naoto Hosoda Director
Masahiro Yokotani Writer He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.


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