The Desperate Desert Race, Part 2

The Desperate Desert Race, Part 2 is an anime episode of Speed Racer that was released on 11/04/1967
Speed, Trixie, Spritle and Chim Chim watch the Mach 5 about to be torched.  Speed does a flying kick and knocks the guys with the blowtorches back.  The fight is stopped as Kim Jugger's father comes out and confirms that it was Ali Ben Schemer that blew up Kim's car.  He was under Kim's father's orders.  He figured it was the only way to stop him from racing and joining the rebel army.

Since the brakes on Kim's car are damaged, Ali Ben suggests he races against Speed with his brakes removed.  They're both up for it.  It turns out Ali Ben Schemer is still scheming.  Speed and Kim are given lunches since the race will take some time.  They leave and Ali Ben orders the men to take everyone.  They even turn on Kim's father.  Ali Ben Schemer is now in charge.  He wants to rule as king as Kim's father is thrown into a pit..  Spritle and Chim Chim escape on a camel.

Speed and Kim race in the desert heat.  The lunches they were given really contain deadly scorpions.  Kim notices one crawling on his leg and one on Speed's shoulder.  He suggests they both try to slow down and jump out of their cars.  After stomping on the scorpions, they get back into the race.

Spritle and Chim Chim find themselves stranded as the camel refuses to go on.  Chim Chim begins to hallucinate and bites the camel, thinking it's a stack of fruit.  They walk on and come across an oasis.  Swiming and drinking, they discover it's actually a mirage.  As vultures begin to swoop down upon them, some men come and save them.  The men are from the Flathill government army. 

Kim's car get stuck in quicksand and Speed saves him.  Speed and Kim get into the Mach 5 and try to make their escape.  The car begins sinking beneath the sand.  The army arrives and pulls the Mach 5 out of a sand pit.  Kim and Speed agree to be friends.  They sneak into the army compound to save Trixie and the imprisoned Prince Omar.  Kim manages to blow up the weapons cache.  Speed and the gang escape.  Kim is not able to race but Speed will easily win the race.

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