The Desperate Desert Race, Part 1

The Desperate Desert Race, Part 1 is an anime episode of Speed Racer that was released on 11/04/1967
As Speed, Trixie and Sparky prepare for their journey to Sandoland, a car comes and smashes into the Mach 5.  The driver turns out to be Kim Jugger, "the wildest racer in the world."  He tells Speed he was testing the Mach 5.  He also tells Speed not to enter the race because he doesn't stand a chance of winning against him.  He then makes the flight crew load his car, the Black Tiger, on the plane first even though Speed was there first.

As the passengers get on the plane, Spritle manages to sneak on board with a woman and her many children.  When candy is being handed out, Spritle and Chim Chim's cover is blown.  They run and hide in the cargo area where they see the race cars.  Soon a one-eyed man enters and puts a bomb in the Black Tiger.  He finds Spritle and Chim Chim and chases them with deadly force.  They manage to knock him out and get away.

When the plane lands and the cars are unloaded, the Black Tiger explodes.  Kim Jugger looks inside and finds a slingshot.  Spritle says it's his and asks for it back.  This leads Kim to believe that Speed was responsible for blowing up his car because he smashed into the Mach 5.

Not leaving Spritle alone, Kim and Speed end up fighting.  Some men on camels come and Kim leaves.  Speed is determined to prove his innocence.  He knows he could win fair and square. 

Later he tries to talk to Kim but finds out he's already left for his home country.  Heading out to the desert, Speed and Trixie (with Spritle and Chim Chim in the trunk of course) find themselves in a sand storm.  Waiting for it to blow over, they are soon attacked by men with rifles.   The chase goes on until they find out that the men are former men of Flathill Country.  Taken to the rebel army's compound, Speed talks to Kim.  He tells him that it was Ali Ben Schemer that planted the bomb and Spritle confirms this by stating that the scratches on his face are from Chim Chim.  Ali Ben cuts them off and orders the men to torch the Mach 5 as they all watch helplessly.

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