The Demon from Jusenkyo, Part I

The Demon from Jusenkyo, Part I is an anime episode of Ranma ½ that was released on 12/06/1991

Season 6 - Random Rhapsody!

Episode #122 - Jusenkyō Kara Kita Akuma - Zenpen (呪泉郷から来た悪魔 前編)


The guide at Jusenkyo was attacked, and the guest book was stolen. while Ranma is discussing it, the thief appears, and begins to chase Happosai, who was just booted out of the house.

The next day, the theif intercepts Ranma and Akane and orders Ranma to hand Akane over to him. when Ranma refuses, It begins to rain, revealing that the thief was also cursed in the Jusenkyo. however, he takes the form of a demon, and begins to attack both Ranma and Akane, who gets saved by Happosai. However, when Happosia uses his Fire Burst on the theif, he knocks Akane unconscious, and manages to escape with her.

Happosai remembers his relation to the theif.
Happosai remembers his relation to the theif.

Happosai manages to find the guest book stolen by the theif, and when he returns home, they find out that the theif was after Happosai himself. When asked how he managed to anger the theif, Happosai recalls washing a newborn baby in a Jusenkyo pool. A message written on Pantyhose is thrown through the window stating to bring Happosai to a fortress in Cape Crow if they wish to see Akane again.

Akane wakes up to find the theif on the porch of the building they are in. She rushes him, but he dodges, and ties her up.

Ranma, Soun and Genma try to capture Happosai, but fail, leading a frustrated Ranma to go after the theif himself. Shampoo and Mousse, after learning what happened, decide to help Ranma. As Ranma travels to the fort, Ryoga intercepts him, saying he'd rescue Akane, only to be swamped by a wave from the sea, transforming him into a pig. The thief shows up, berating Ranma for showing up without Happosai, and attacks him.

Ranma counters the theif.
Ranma counters the theif.

Ranma tries to reason with him about the theif being angry about the curse, but then promptly mocks Ranma for his curse, and then splashes him with a bucket. however, when the thief backs off, he loses his footing, and falls into the sea. when he emerges in his demon form, he flies into the sky, but Ranma and Ryoga manage to grab onto him.

Akane manages to escape her binds and the building, and begins looking for Ranma. Meanwhile, Ranma manages to hurt the theif as he is flying through the air, but as he ascends, he throws both Ranma and Ryoga off his back, who fall into the water below. Akane manages to see them drifting, with Ryoga trying to waken the unconscious Ranma. She wakes up just in time to avoid an attack, and counters the theif with the log she was floating on.

However, all of the fall over the waterfall, with the thief emerging first, and re-capturing Akane. Ryoga manages to pull a once-again unconscious Ranma ashore. he then finds Shampoo and Mousse there, waiting to help.

Akane, once again in the fort, offers to help the theif bandage his wounds, and asks him why he is doing this.

Meanwhile, Ryoga asks Shampoo and Mousse why they are helping them. they reply that they want to help a friend in need. however, as usual, they have unterior motives to harm both Akane and Ranma.

The Theif then sets a big fire, as a signal to his location, to which, Ranma's group heads towards.

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Rumiko Takahashi Writer Creator of some of the most popular (and longest) comedy franchises, like Ranma 1/2 and InuYasha.


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