The Day of Awakening

The Day of Awakening is an anime episode of Toward the Terra that was released on

Plot Summary

The episode opens with Jomy walking though a strange ship. He sees someone named Soldier and Physis talking about he will not live long enough to see Terra with is own eyes and he needs someone who can lead the Mu when he is gone. Physis shows Soldier a vision tells him that a great power will join them. Jomy wakes up. It is the day before his 14th birthday, the day of awakeing. After he takes his adult examination he has to go out on his own. At lunch he tells his friends about his reoccurring dream and a camera overhears him talking about Mu. While walking home from his last day of school with his friends he feels depressed that he must leave them behind. Swena parts him with a kiss and Sam gives him a birthday present, a Dreamworld pass with Sam's name on it and it will always show their lasting friendship. Universal Control gets information that the Mu have made contact with Jomy and prepairs for an in depth psychologiacal test be done. While Jomy is taking a shower he is gassed and is knocked unconscious. He is carried out to their vehicle in order to test his emotional and psychological patterns and see if had awoken to become a Mu. During the test it is determined there was no psionic reactions in him and he passes out from the painful test. The test ruins the party Jomy's parents had prepared for him on their last night together. Soldier Blue is seen above Jomy while he is sleeping.

On the day of his adult examination saying goodbye is too much Jomy runs out of his house, leaving his parents behind forever. Universal Control watches Jomy while he goes to his test. Jomy is unsure where he should go but since he had already gotten on a bus for Dreamworld, an amusement park he went to with his parents, he decides that is a good place for his test. While at the park Jomy sees a Weaping Mouse from Mars and is saddened by it being locked up. He then hears the mouse calls out to him for help. This startles Jomy and he tries to touch the case where he is snapped out of it by being shocked. Jomy is confused as to why he could hear the creatures thoughts. A mysterious onlooker sees that Jomy reacted to the Weeping mouse and determines that has awakened to his Mu powers.

As Jomy approaches the roller-coaster Universal Control prepairs the test. The coaster is stopped and the test begins. One of Terra’s computers greets Jomy as Terra’s Number 5 and begins the first phase of the test, memory deletion. As his memories start to be deleted a voice calls out to Jomy. Universal Control detects a strong "type blue" psionic reaction and they close Dreamworld to dispatch troops to stop it. Soldier Blue tells Jomy to not let go of his memories. Soldier blue disables Number 5 long enough for Jomy to escape the test. Universal Control confirms Jomy as a Mu and orders him to be disposed of. As he gets out of the coaster he hears the Weeping Mouse call out to him again, Jomy replies this time and helps it escape but is surrounded by the troops and is told he is to be punished with death.

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