The Day I Became A Shinigami

The Day I Became A Shinigami is an anime episode of Bleach that was released on 10/05/2004
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Agent of the Shinigami Arc

The Day I Became a Shinigami - 死神になっちゃった日 (Shinigami ni natchatta hi)

Fifteen-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki has the uncanny ability to see ghosts, but that seems pretty run-of-the-mill once Soul Reaper Rukia Kuchiki enters his life


Opening Theme-

"*~Asterisk" by Orange Range

Ending Theme-

"Life is Like a Boat" by Rie Fu

Episode Synopsis

" We Tremble in Awe of That Which Cannot Be Seen. And So Fell the Sword of Fate... "

In a dark realm shadows move. They fall into the air and onto the grown in the town on Earth called Karakura Town. These creatures are huge, but almost impossible to see. Blending in as if transparent. In the darkness, a young woman in black hakama and sword stands atop a telephone pole. She senses a strong spiritual energy and leaps into town.

In town at sunset, some thugs are hassling a tall young man with orange hair. Seems he kicked down one of their friends on a skateboard. One tries attacking the student, but he knocks him down with a single kick and proceeds to trounce him while down. The young man is angry that they knocked down a flower vase while they were skateboarding. It was left there in memory of a child who recently died in that spot. The orange-haired student beats all of them up and threatens if they do something like that again that people will have to leave flowers for them. The delinquents run away in fear.

The young man looks over to the flowers and talks with the spirit of the child who died. He promises to being her fresh flowers later. She thanks him and says that now she should be able to rest in peace.

This young man is named Kurosaki Ichigo. He's fifteen years old and in the tenth grade. His family runs a clinic in town. As long as he can remember he's been able to see ghosts. As soon as he walks in the door, he's attacked by his father, Isshin, for being late. The two argue as Ichigo's twin sisters Yuzu and Karin are having dinner and watching. As Ichigo argues with his father, Karin warns Ichigo about the new ghost that followed him home. Karin can also see ghosts, and Yuzu is envious of that ability since she can feel their presence but can't see them. Karin doesn't believe in ghosts. Despite being able to see them, she just refuses to acknowledge their existence.

Ichigo's father strikes again, but Ichigo wins easily. Fed up, he goes to his room without dinner. Karn blames their father. Yuzu and Karin mention how Ichigo has been seeing more and more ghosts lately. This comes as a surprise to Isshin and wonders why Ichigo wont confined in his own father. Karin tells him it's his own fault for being in his forties and still talking so immaturely. Depressed, Isshin goes to talk to the large poster-sized image of his dead wife on the wall.

The next day, the news is covering an incident in town, Ichigo enters and notices that this accident happened close to their home. He walks by the location while bringing the ghost girl new flowers. He calls out for the girl but hears her scream in the distance. Further into town, the walls are exploding. Ichigo runs into the trouble and through the rubble emerged a large mantis-monster with a white mask. It's after the ghost girl and they both start to run. She trips and falls and Ichigo runs back to save her. Suddenly, a woman in the black hakama appears. She slashes the creature in half with her sword and it disappears. The woman glances in Ichigo's direction and walks off as if she didn't notice him. People start to gather around, but they didn't even see the monster of the woman who defeated it.

Later that night, Ichigo is lying in bed. Out of nowhere, the young woman in black comes walking right through Ichigo's bedroom wall. He asks who she is, but no matter how much he calls to her she doesn't seem to notice him. She holds her hand on her sword as if looking for something. After she says, "It's near...", Ichigo kicks her in the back and she falls to the ground. He yells at her for scaring him and she's on the ground incredibly confused that he can see and touch her. Poeple shouldn't normally be able to see her. He tries attacking her again, but she easily defeats him with little effort. She tells him that she is a Shinigami.

Elsewhere in town, another masked monster is chasing the ghost girl. Just as it's ready to devourer her it stops and leaves. Back at Ichigo's room. This woman is explaining what a Shinigami is. She comes from the Soul Society and they exorcise evil demons. Though, he refuses to believe any of it. She's confused why he believes in ghosts but no Shinigami. His reasoning is that he doesn't believe in something he can't see. She retorts that she can see her. He admits she's not human but should stop playing as a Shinigami, patting her on the head. For treating her like a child, she uses a sealing spell called a Kido. Ichigo's arms contort behind his back and he falls to the ground. She explains that despite her youthful appearance she has lived nearly ten times longer than he has. She's like to kill him for her insolence, but she's not allowed to attack humans. Still, she draws her down and swings. Though she used the handle end of her down to strike the forehead of the glasses ghost that followed Ichigo home the other day. She has placed a seal o his head to send him to the other side. The ghost is scared, but the woman tells him that the Soul Society is a safe place. She pulls out a sketch book to explain in illustration Ghosts and the monsters called Hollows. Her drawings are incredibly childish. Ichigo can't help but mock her artwork and she draws a silly mustache on his face for the insult. She then goes on to explain the Soul Society, Shinigami, and their task. He asks why the Hollow is going after the girl, but she doesn't know. She admits that they still don't understand these monsters completely.

Deeper into town, the Hollow is still chasing the ghost girl. It nearly has her when he smells another tasty soul nearby with a Shinigami. It leaves the girl behind to chase a better prey.

Back at Ichigo's room, he panics, he can hear something coming that the Shinigami woman can't. For some reason she can't sense it's presence. It's as if something more powerful is nearby and obstructing her abilities. He yells at her to just listen. He can hear it's close. Moments later, she can hear the Hollows cry. Deeper in the house Yuzu screams, the Shinigami woman runs into the hall and is overcome by a powerful spiritual pressure. An injured Yuzu stumbled down the hallway and falls at Ichigo's door. She begs her brother to save Karin and passes out. Karin is heard screaming, and the Shinigami woman leaves Ichigo behind. He forces himself to his feet.

Outside, the Hollow has Karin and is crushing her in his hands. Ichigo comes falling down the stairs and he stands. the Shinigami is amazed he can stand while under the influence of her Kido. He sees Karin and through sheer willpower breaks the Kido seal placed upon him. Despite the Shinigami's warning, Ichigo rushes the Hollow with a folding chair and with a single strike is knocked away. The Shinigami woman slashes the Hollows arm to drop Karin, and Ichigo catches her. The Hollow disappears into a shadow. The Shinigami tells him the Hollow hasn't devoured her soul yet, but also isn't far away. It's after something more powerful. She realizees that the Hollow from earlier wasn't after the girl but after him. He has some energy that was unlocked in after coming into contact with the ghost of the child.

Rukia gives Ichigo her powers by piercing him with her sword
Rukia gives Ichigo her powers by piercing him with her sword

The Hollow reappears to attack. Overcome with guilt at being the cause of the girl and his family being attacked, he rushes forward and tries to sacrifice himself. Before it can eat him, the Shinigami woman rushes forward and is bitten and seriously wounded in his place. She slashes at the teach of the Hollows mask and he recoils in pain. She falls to the ground bleeding and Ichigo calls after her. She calls him a fool for thinking that with his life that would save anyone. She struggles to sit up and the Hollow is ready to attack again. She offers him an option that could save them all. If he runs her Zanpakutou through to his heart, she can give him some of her powers to defeat him. Though, the process could also kill him if it fails. He asks for her sword, but tells him her name is Rukia Kuchiki. As the Hollow rushes, Ichigo tells her his name and she runs him through.

There is a blinding flash of light, and the Hollows arm is swiftly sliced off. Standing behind it is Ichigo in the black hakama of a Shinigami. He's holding an enormous zanpakutou that is nearly as tall as he is. Ruikia is now in a white yukata. She's confused since she only intended to give him half her powers, but he seemingly took all of it. She's never known of a human who could break a Kido and she's never seen a zanpakutou so large. Ichigo is fighting the Hollow and making easy work of it, cutting the monster off by the limbs. As the Hollows falls, he uses a powerful slash straight through the mask and the monster disappears. Ichigo has won and is now a Shinigami.

Points of Interest

  • In the original manga version, Ichigo used the young girl's ghost to terrify the delinquents, but it was never made clear how they could of seen the girl since Ichigo is suppose to be the only person who can see ghosts.
  • In the manga, the ghost girl still had bloody wounds on her face and didn't have a Soul Chain attached to her chest. Her soul was eaten by the Hollow that attacks him later this episode. This was changed for the anime.
  • There was only one Hollow after Ichigo in the manga version. Two were added to extend the story.
  • In the manga, the glasses ghost was lying on the floor to the right of Ichigo and had a noose around his neck, implying he was a suicide.
  • When the Hollow attacked Ichigo's home in the manga, the sisters in the story were reversed. It was Karin that came to his room and Yuzu who was being held.

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
Rukia KuchikiKido: Bakudō #1 Sai (塞, restrain)
Soul Burial (konsō)

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Carl Macek Adaptation
Noriyuki Abe Director A Japanese anime director, storyboard artist, and sound director. He is best known for working with Studio Pierrot on every major hit such as Flame of Recca, Bleach, and Yu Yu Hakusho.
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