The Day Before Goodbye

The Day Before Goodbye is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 08/04/2012

Only 2 days remain for the third exam. Team B is finally getting along in part thanks to Kenji's leadership skills. Hoshika had wondered who, of Kenji or Yamato, would lead Team B. Team A runs out of food, but thankfully they have enough ingredients to make udon noodles, and Mutta was taught how to make udon by Sharon. Mutta realizes that he has finally made friends who are as passionate about space as he is, and is almost sad that the exam is coming to a close.

Plot Summary

Team B is getting along
Team B is getting along

With only 2 days remaining for JAXA's third exam in the sealed boxes, Mutta really wants to go to space and keep up with the promise he made to his brother Hibito. However he is a little sad that he might have to say goodbye to his teammates for a while. Team B is finally starting to get along. Teshima shares his drawings of fictional organisms, they are really good and Kenji and Kitamura compliment him. Teshima had always been interested about what organisms might look like on other planets and tries to base his drawings on scientific research. He explains that on a planet like Jupiter, which is so enormous, the organisms must be much larger to survive the gravity levels. Kitamura also shares a space fiction novel she is reading.

Hoshika prepares cards for Yamato and Kenji
Hoshika prepares cards for Yamato and Kenji

Kenji is happy that Team B is finally coming together. Also Hoshika is happy for Team B, commenting how Kenji was the real catalyst for it all. Hoshika was keeping an eye on Team B to see who of Kenji or Yamato would become the team's 'leader', and it turned out to be Kenji. This was why Hoshika has not given either of them a green card yet, to make it harder for them. Now that Hoshika has his answer and with only 2 days remaining, Hoshika finally gives them each a green card. Yamato clogs the toilet, and Kenji spills the rice.

The dough is almost ready
The dough is almost ready

Mutta gathers Team A and says he has good news, bad news and dicey news. The bad news is that despite their efforts to conserve food, they have run out and are not left with any food for the last day. The good news is that Mutta discovered some cooking flour and ingredients to make udon noodles. Everyone is impressed that Mutta knows how to make udon, and they start preparing it right away. Mutta learned how to make udon noodles one time when he visited Sharon. After Mutta shares his story about visiting Sharon at the observatory, it turns out that everyone in Team A knows about Sharon and her work as an astronomer. This had never happened to Mutta before, whenever invited his school friends to visit Sharon with him, they always declined saying that looking at stars was boring. Mutta finally realizes that he has found friends who share his passion about space.

Mutta has made some great friends
Mutta has made some great friends

Team A has a great time making udon together and talking about space. Then Fukuda asks Mutta what the 'dicey news' was about. Mutta says it's not really news, but a reminder, about how tomorrow they are going to have to decide which 2 of the team members are most fit to become astronauts. Team A becomes silent after Mutta mentions this.

Points of Interest

  • It is revealed that Kitamura was given the green card to erase their team's score tracking.
  • Team A uses flour, starch, water, salt and soy sauce to make their udon noodles.
  • While Team A is making udon, they talk about all sorts of actual space topics including: the bacteria on Surveyor 3, the 'statue' on Mars, and the possibility of tardigrades living on Mars.

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Ayumu Watanabe Director
Chuuya Koyama Original Concept Creator of the manga Uchuu Kyoudai.
Koji Yabuno Character Artist/Designer
Shigeru Morita Writer Best known for being one of the screenwriters on Gundam Seed and its follow-ups, Morita has also written episodes of Blood , Toward the Terra, and co-written storylines for Linebarrels of Iron and Seikon no Qwaser.
Tomomi Mochizuki Storyboard
Toshiyuki Watanabe Music


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