The Dark Reaper Finds the Golden Fairy

The Dark Reaper Finds the Golden Fairy is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 01/07/2011

Intro Arc

The Dark Reaper Finds the Golden Fairy - "Kuroi Shinigami wa Kiniro no Yōsei o Mitsukeru" (黒い死神は金色の妖精を見つける)

Kujo Kazuya enrolls in St. Marguerite's Academy where he meets Victorique. When inspector Grevil du Blois presents Victorique with a mystery, she solves it with lightning speed. Even though Grevil du Blois takes credit for Victorique's answer, Kujo and her are rewarded with an invitation to a yacht. Unknowing to Kujo, he and Victorique are destined to solve mysteries together from their first encounter.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Destine Histoire" by yoshiki☆lisa

Set in 1924 in the fictional European country of Saubure, Kujo Kazuya, an exchange student at The prestigious St. Marguerite's Academy, fatefully meets a girl named Victorique in the a garden at the top of the Library tower.

Initally, the episode starts with the preamble for the first mystery, the running of the hares, with a cult woman adressing her audience, and rabbits being killed by dogs in a ritualistic hunt.

afterwards, Kazuya is introduced as the Third son as an Imperial Japanese soldier, and has travelled far to school. he meets his friendly teacher, who suggests he visits the library tower to read up on the local legends. when he is reading, he notices a strand of gold hair which had come from above him, and he went to investigate, climbing up the many flights stairs, nearly tiring himself out, and then reaches the top, and enters the garden at the top.

The garden at the top of the library, where Victorique is often found.
The garden at the top of the library, where Victorique is often found.

Kazuya thinks first that she's a doll, and is startled when she begins to move, and further unsettled that she tells him she's been waiting for him. then, coming from the elevator in the tower, Inspector Grevil de Blois has come to Victorique with an interesting mystery: an old woman was found shot dead in her wheelchair, with a bullet would on her face as she was looking at the door, and yet no one entered or exited the room until an Arabic maid forced open the door lock with a gunshot. The "who" and the "how" of the mystery are immediately obvious, but both Victorique and Grevil don't understand the "why" just yet.

The next day, the Inspector takes the credit for solving the mystery, and invites both Victorique and Kujo to a yacht that the grateful rich girl lent him. However, Victorique discovers another clue on the yacht, an invitation to a dinner party onboard a cruise ship.

Closing Theme

"Resuscitated Hope" by Lisa Komine

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hinata Takeda Concept Artist Hinata Takeda is an author and artist. Best known for the illustration work on the GOSICK light novel series.
Hitoshi Nanba Director
Takashi Tomioka Character Artist/Designer Animation Director (OP/ED)
Tokuyuki Matsutake Key Animator Key Animator for a massive number of series, including many by Madhouse and Studio DEEN.
Kazuki Sakuraba Original Concept Kazuki Sakuraba is the author of the GOSICK series of light novels.
Kotaro Nakagawa Music
Hiroko Kazui Storyboard ED
Mari Okada Producer


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