The Cursed Ikebukuro Sea

The Cursed Ikebukuro Sea is an anime episode of Shangri La that was released on 04/12/2009

Duomo is attack by artillery launched fromm a unknown force. Both the Atlas military and the Metal-age decide to back off while the shells damage buildings and people alike. Still, Kuniko and Takehiko try to save whomever they can, while Major Kusanagi looks at his dagger. He mentions that it was a family heirloom, but can't figure out why it made that sound before the artillery shells fell.

Later, both Lady Ryoko's people and the leaders of Metal-age each estimate that the attack originated from the great forest where Ikebukuro once stood, but the forest's high oxygen level and poisonous swamp gases mean that no human being can survive there long without a special suit. Takehiko and Kuniko decide to investigate to see if they can find out if the military is using a new artillery weapon against them. Momoko also jumps in, giving some rather large measurements and then stating that they were for her suit, not Kuniko's.

The Metal-age party slowly bounds through an abandoned subway tunnel and makes their way to the forest, however, they run into agents of the Atlas military who are doing their own inspection of the area. Suddenly, Major Kusanagi sneaks up on them and starts firing. Momoko and Kuniko run away, but Kusanagi continues following them. Momoko tries to hit him with the whip, but the bulky suit throws off her reflexes. Finally, the two split up, and Kuniko removes her suit. Kusanagi sees the suit lying on the ground, and Kuniko takes advantage of the distraction by ripping off his air filter. While speaking through a backup breathing mask, Kuniko tries to get a confession, but the Major appears just as confused about the artillery strike as she is. Kuniko gives him his air filter back, with a note that if he ever gets tired of the military, Metal-age will be happy to have him.

After the brief fight scene, the Atlas military reports that they couldn't find any trace of artillery emplacements, while the people at Metal-age tell Takehiko that they couldn't find any physical trace of the artillery shells that struck the town of Duomo. They each seperately predict that there was a mysterious third-party, but don't know who that could be.

Near the end of this episode, all the people in Duomo wait by their TV screens to find out which of them have won the Atlas lottery that will allow them to legally emigrate into Atlas. Takehiko finds it disappointing that even some of the anti-governmental Metal-age conveniently drop their ideals for the sake of potentially winning the lottery. As the new citizens of Atlas are selected, Momoko recoils in shock to find that the last winner of this year's lottery is her partner Miko.

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May Nakabayashi Music Singer of the opening song, "Kimi Shinitamo Koto Nakare"


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