The Culprit Is in the Room

The Culprit Is in the Room is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 07/21/2012

It turns out JAXA has secretly given instructions to members of each team to either set off an alarm in the middle of the night or break the team's alarm clock. Mutta finally figures out the truth behind these problems and who did them in Team A. Mutta is relieved that he can still trust his teammates. Lastly, Serika must find a way to tell the rest of Team A about their food shortage problem.

Plot Summary

Nitta would kill an ant if it was making noise
Nitta would kill an ant if it was making noise

Stress levels are rising as the end of the two weeks of being in the sealed box is only 4 days away. To add to the stress, JAXA has secretly made two members of each team either set off an alarm in the middle of each night or break their team's clock. Team A is first disturbed by the alarm noise on the 10th night. The team decides to try finding the source of the sound before going back to bed. Serika realizes that these problems are making it hard for her to bring up their food shortage problem. As they search, Mutta notices that Yasushi is not acting like his normal self. Yasushi hasn't taken his hand out of his pocket since they all woke up, and he hasn't complained about the noise. Nitta is determined to find the source of the noise. Mutta goes to wash his face and asks himself why Fukuda would possibly ruin his chances with JAXA who is watching them the whole time. Mutta concludes that he will trust Fukuda and Yasushi, and that JAXA must have had a hand in the problems.

Fukuda and Mutta shake hands
Fukuda and Mutta shake hands

Mutta has a flashback of his time at NASA watching Hibito train. Hibito was wearing black goggles so he couldn't see and was carrying out a task in a sealed environment. However his fellow astronaut, Damien, had misplaced a crucial instrument for the task. Jennifer, who was showing Mutta around, explained that the situation was staged because Damien had received a "green card", which gave him secret instructions. This provides astronauts with critical training for how to deal with the mistakes of others. Mutta concludes that both Yasushi and Fukuda must have gotten green cards. Mutta asks Yasushi if he got a green card. Yasushi is embarrassed and says he can't say. Mutta is relieved and goes to shake Fukuda's hand. (See Note 1) We have a flashback of when Fukuda got the orders from Hoshika to break the alarm clock.

Yasushi is feeling better
Yasushi is feeling better

After searching and being unable to find the source of the alarm noise, Nitta is ready to give up and go to bed. The others tease Nitta for having a hard time sleeping with even the slightest noises. Then Mutta says, "I know there there are no bad guys in this room, which is enough for me to sleep well tonight." Serika suggests to create temporary ear plugs using tissue and water. As Yasushi is falling asleep, he reflects on the green card instructions that he was given. Yasushi feels a little more at ease after what Mutta said. Likewise Serika feels a little better about her growling stomach, now that everyone has ear plugs. But for Nitta, the ear plugs aren't helping in the slightest.

Mutta thinks JAXA gave Serika a green card
Mutta thinks JAXA gave Serika a green card

Over at mission control, Nasuda and Hoshika talk about how the third exam has been pretty much designed to evoke lots of stress to the participants and see how they deal with it. Hoshika had not anticipated that Mutta would know about the green cards. Serika is up early and realizes that it is about time to tell everyone about the food shortage. She decides to talk to someone who is less likely to get mad at her, so either Mutta or Fukuda. She ends up telling Mutta. Mutta jumps to the conclusion that JAXA gave Serika a green card too, telling her to cause a food shortage. (See Note 2) Mutta says she trusts her and shakes her hand. Serika isn't sure what's going on, but thinks this should be okay.

Points of Interest

  • Fukuda and Hoshika had taken JAXA's exams together in 2008.
  • Yasushi's green card instructions told him to set off the alarm each night until the end of the exam, and have it ring for at least 20 seconds each night.


The following notes are referenced in the plot summary.

  1. Fukuda said in the previous episode, "When you figure out why I broke the clock I will shake your hand."
  2. If Mutta was thinking straight he would have realized that all green cards order the individual to keep it a secret from everyone else. Since Serika openly told Mutta about the food shortage, she couldn't have been given a green card, unless she planned on disobeying JAXA's orders.

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Ayumu Watanabe Director
Matsuo Asami Episode Director
Chuuya Koyama Original Concept Creator of the manga Uchuu Kyoudai.
Koji Yabuno Character Artist/Designer
Yuuko Kakihara Writer Yuuko Kakihara is a Japanese script and screenplay writer.
Toshiyuki Watanabe Music


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