The Crest of Friendship

The Crest of Friendship is an anime episode of Digimon Adventure that was released on 03/05/2000

Wandering down a dark cave, Matt begins to despair and feels that he has been a poor brother and friend. Despite Gabumon's protests, Matt thinks Tai is better at being a brother to T.K. than he ever was. Matt tells Gabumon to go away and dismisses him. Gabumon bites Matt on the leg to get his attention and says that if he really wants him to go, he will, but Matt tells him to stay. Matt then says that he's always felt alone and that after his parents divorced, he pushed people away and wouldn't let anyone see him cry. Due to Gabumon's companionship, Matt begins to see that he isn't alone after all and that he does have friends. Matt and Gabumon promise to be best friends forever. The cave around them dissolves and they are almost immediately spotted by Joe, who has been searching for them. Joe returns Matt's harmonica. Sora and T.K. find Matt's boat. Sora begins to doubt herself and the same darkness that had a hold of Matt grabs her and she falls into a cave with Biyomon. Just then, Joe and Matt find T.K. and he tells them what has happened. They go into the cave, with Matt warning them not to be scared. Upon finding Sora, Matt and Joe try to bring her out of her depression. They give her confidence to keep going and tell her that they came to the Digital World for a reason. Sora realizes that this is true and the cave around them disappears. They rejoin Tai and his group to find WarGreymon badly injured. Matt tends to Tai, who is also hurt, and says that their friendship always meant a lot to him. Tai says he never stopped believing in him and Matt's crest glows, healing WarGreymon. Gabumon then Warp Digivolves to MetalGarurumon and joins the fight against Piedmon.

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Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru Character Artist/Designer Character Designer for various animes.


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