The Cost of Lies

The Cost of Lies is an anime episode of Valvrave the Liberator 2 that was released on 12/05/2013
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Plot Summary

The Cost of Lies

RomajiUso no Daishō
Theme Music
Opening"Kakumei Dualism"
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After the Dorssian’s live feed for Saki is over, the video switches to Burnett who is at the Phantom ship. Haruto wonders how Burnett arrived at the ship. Burnett reveals humans whose life force is siphoned off. Iori spots her father dying as his life force is being drained. Satomi explains that this ship is not theirs as the ARUS citizens accuse them. Burnett finds Eileen on the table, dead from her life force being drained. Amadeus explains that the students within Module 77 are not humans and that they had invaded JIOR to protect humanity. He states that creatures fought them with unkillable soldiers. Haruto tell them about the Phantom ship after the summit. Then, ARUS President deems every Module 77 resident as biohazard as he has his men aim their guns at the students. Meanwhile, the Council of 101 remark that Module 77 students were too close in revealing their secrets. The other Dorssian soldiers pick up Saki. Amadeus mentions that their plans are going well. Kyuuma tries to calm down the students who are calling out other students who went to Earth as monsters.

In the summit, Yohei tries to convince the ARUS president to listen, but he gets shot. While Satomi restrains Midori and Haruto does the same to Shoko, Akira uses her Valvrave to smash the roof in order to save the other students. Throughout the building, the soldiers exterminate the students. The ARUS President and Amadeus unite their forces to eradicate the Module 77 inhabitants. Takumi informs Akira and the other Valvrave pilots to abandon Module 77 and rescue the other students and evacuate via shuttle. Raizou tells Yuusuke and the others to retreat. Shoko tells everyone not to give up hope. Meanwhile, A-drei asks Saki why she didn't attack him, and when Saki would not answer, he asks her about L-elf. In space, Haruto and the other Valvrave pilots engage the enemy in combat to buy time for the shuttles to jettison to safety. When Shoko's shuttle gets hit, Iori's group receives a transmission from the ARUS President. In combat, Haruto loses his memory of Shoko and him trapped in a cave. Iori urges Haruto to come back to the shuttle. When Haruto comes on board, Iori and the others betray Haruto. She shoots Haruto because the ARUS President will spare their lives.

However, Haruto comes back to life. Shoko asks Haruto if he remember their time in the cave. When Haruto replies he doesn't know, Shoko is shocked. She loses trust in Haruto once everyone sees Haruto is a monster. She asks Haruto why he didn't explain everything. Shoko orders everyone to stand down. Haruto and L-elf get capture by ARUS. An Ideal machine prepares to finish off Shoko's group. Iori and the others are surprised at ARUS President's betrayal and lies. In the nick of time, Kyuuma protects Shoko's group. Taking off his shield, Kyuuma continue to fight, and he tells Raizou and Akira to protect shuttle while he goes out to save Haruto. As Kyuuma blocks the energy blast from Kirschbaum, Raizou uses Kyuuma's shield. After Shoko's shuttle takes off, Kyuuma rescues Haruto and L-elf. He asks Haruto if he loves Shoko. With Haruto confessing his feelings, Kyuuma sacrifices himself to bring down the enemy.

Points of Interest

  • With the exception of Marie Nobi, Kyuuma is the 1st Valvrave pilot to die.


The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Kyuuma: "I've been watching you and Haruto for years. It's gonna end like this? I don't buy it."
— Kyuuma's Reason for Fighting

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