The Contractor's key

The Contractor's key is an anime episode of Persona 4: The Animation that was released on 10/13/2011

Persona 4 The Animation Ep. 2

The Contractor's key

The strange deaths continue, with the most recent victim discovered hanging from a telephone pole. Yu, Chie, and Yosuke begin piecing things together and determine that these grisly murders are connected to that other world inside the TV. Yu and Yosuke decide to go back in, much to Chie's disapproval. Once more will the two boys venture into the unknown, with rope at waist, and fear in Yosuke's heart.


Opening Theme-

"sky's the limit" by Shihoko Hirata

Ending Theme-

"Beauty of Destiny" by Shihoko Hirata feat. Lotus Juice

Episode Synopsis

Igor gives Yu the Contractor's Key
Igor gives Yu the Contractor's Key

Igor welcomes Yu to the Velvet Room. Margaret tells how only those who have formed a 'contract' of some kind may enter, and praises him on awakening your power. Igor gives him the Contractor's Key that provides entrance to the Velvet Room. Margaret proceeds to explain that his Persona is a Wild Card. It holds infinite possibilities. Igor is excited at the possibilities of the Wild Card, and he'll be following this journey.

Friday April 15, 2011

In the early fog filled dawn, the dead body of Saki Konishi hangs upside down from a telephone pole.

Thursday April 14, 2011

Yu, Yosuke and Chie find Teddy to leave
Yu, Yosuke and Chie find Teddy to leave

On the previous day inside the Midnight Channel, Yosuke wakes up Chie. When she asks about the monsters that attacked them. Yosuke tells her how Yu wiped them out himself. Though he doesn't quite understand how. Before Yosuke can learn about the Persona Yu used, Chie interrupts them. She's desperate to leave before the creatures come back. They make their way back to where they came in and find Teddy, the bear. He's surprised and asks what they did about the Shadows, the monsters. The talking bear becomes infuriated when Yu asks if he was responsible for them. He's already bothered by the people entering his world and agitating the Shadows. Several TVs appear after the bear stomps his foot, and he pushes them through.

Chie thinks Yosuke's a bit too happy to be safe
Chie thinks Yosuke's a bit too happy to be safe

They find themselves back in Junes. Yoksuke and Chie hug each other in joy of being back in the real world, but once she realizes what she's doing. Chie knees Yosuke in the gut for trying to take advantage of the situation. The poster of the singer Misuzu Hiiragi catches Yu's attention. It's similar to the poster they found in the dark room of other world. Chie recognizes her as the wife of the man Ms. Yamano was having the recently public affair with. Yu suspects that the two places may be connected. Yosuke is freaked out by the idea, but suddenly remembers his urgent need to pee. Chie is still freaking out from the events of the day, and she heads home.

Friday April 15, 2011

Yukiko's asked out by a strange young man
Yukiko's asked out by a strange young man

Chie and Yukiko are walking to school the next day. Chie complains about her troubles from yesterday. When Yukiko asks about it, Chie tells her she'll explain later since she may not believe her. They then notice a young man standing in the rain wearing the uniform of another shcool. He approaches Yukiko and asks her to go with him somewhere. When she doesn't answer, he starts to get angry and impatient. She rejects his offer, and he runs off, cursing her. Yosuke and Yu arrive, and Yukiko is confused what the young man wanted from her. Chie tells her he was looking for a date, but Yukiko hadn't realized.

In Class 2, Yosuke talks about how harsh Yukiko can be, and how she rejected him last year. She claims to of never rejected him. So, Yoskue asks her out, but she says she'd rather not. Yosuke's unfazed by being turned down since he has another girl he's after. Yu asks if it's Saki Konishi. Yosuke admits it, but she hasn't responded to any of his texts since yesterday. The sound of sirens can be heard from outside, and they're worried there's been another incident.

The entire school has been gathered to the auditorium for a special meeting. Yosuke asks where Yukiko is, but Chie tells them that she was called home to the Inn. She tells Yu how she's next in line to inherit her family's traditional Japanese inn. Yosuke checks his phone again for any messages from Saki, but his inbox is empty. Morooka calls for everyone's attention to listen to the school's principle. The principle is sad to deliver the news to the school that the body of Saki Konishi was found earlier today. Yosuke looks up in shock. Yu and Chie look back in concern to Yosuke.

After the assembly, Yosuke stands alone as passing students hear how Saki was found the same way Ms. Yamano was. Chie and Yu arrive, and he asks if they watched the Midnight Channel last night. Chie scolds him from bring that up, but he shouts for her to hear him out. He confesses that he watched it last night, and he was sure who he was on the TV was Saki. He asks if they remember the other day when someone in class said his soul mate was Ms. Yamano because he saw her on the Midnight Channel. He tells them how he heard Konishi was found the same way Ms. Yamano was. It can't be a coincidence. Yu follows and says he's suggesting anyone who's shown on that program dies. Since the posters of Misuzu Hiiragi were both found in Junes and that other world, they might be connected. That Ms. Yamano and Saki were both in there. Chie is shocked at what he's suggesting.

At Junes, Yosuke has tied a rope around his waist. He thinks they might find that bear if they use the same TV to enter. Chie tries to talk him out of his plan, but Yu decides to join him. He ties another part of the rope to his waist. Yosuke hands Chie the rope to watch on this side, and they both enter the TV before she can stop them. She tries pulling on the rope, but it's no longer attached to them. She falls to her knees out of frustration and worry. She's felts wondering what to do.

Once in the TV world, Yu and Yosuke find the bear. He's suspicious at the sight of their return. Lately, someone on from the human world has been throwing people into his world as the fog clears. Yu asks about the fog. the bear tells them that when it's foggy in their world that the fog lifts here. Yu realizes that it was fggy on both days of the murders. The bear reasons that since they were able to come on their own power that they must be the culprits. Yu reasons that someone must have thrown in Ms. Yamano and Saki Konishi. When the bear accuses them again, Yosuke blames the bear for dragging people in. He tackles him to unzip the costume he's wearing. The head pops off, but there's nothing inside. Yosuke falls back in fear, but Yu calmly puts the bear's head back. He talks him, and Yosuke marvels at how unfazed Yu can be. He's willing to believe they aren't the criminals, but he wants them to find the real ones. He asks them to promise, and Yu agrees because he feels sorry for the bear.

They are now on the case, and the bear gives Yosuke and pair of glasses to see through the fog. Looking around, he's amazed how it looks like the shopping district in Inaba. The bear tells them he lost sight of a girl near one of the buildings. Yosuke shows him a picture of Saki, and he identifies her. They then hear the voices coming from the building with lights how they wish Junes would go under. They blame of mall for the failing business in the area. Yosuke rushes into the house to confront the people inside for speaking like that of his father's store, but no one is inside. They can hear the sound of Saki's father scolding his daughter for taking a job at Junes over the family business. he then notices the movie ticket he gave Saki the other day on the floor. It's been ripped to shreds. The voice of Saki can be heard. She talks about how she could never tell him something. Yosuke listens to her talk about him. She says that Yosuke was annoying to her. She was only nice to him because his father was manager of Junes. She's irritated that he took her kindness the wrong way and got all worked up. He's shocked to hear Saki complain how she hated everyone at Junes, and how she wished everyone, including her parents, would just die. Yosuke shouts out that it's all lies. He falls to his knees in denial that this is how she feels. Laughter from deeper inside starts mocking Yosuke and person comes into view. He tells Yosuke how he's the one who thinks everything is annoying. They're shocked to see the person who walks in is another Yosuke.

Yosuke's Shadow gathers power by being denied
Yosuke's Shadow gathers power by being denied

All present are astonished to see two Yosuke's. This new one with yellow glowing eyes. This second Yosuke taunts his double about his true motives for something into this shadow world aren't so noble. He says it wasn't for Konishi, but it's for the fun. Surprised, Yosuke timidly denies it, but this dark double tells him that he was hoping to become some sort of hero. Yosuke demands to know who he is. He introduces himself as the Shadow, the true self. He is the shadow of Yosuke. The shadow laughs as his power grows the more Yosuke denies him. He suddenly transforms being freed from Yosuke. He becomes a large shadowy monster. The world changes around them, and Narukami tackles Yosuke to save him from the Shadow. He summons Izanagi and they do battle while Yu checks on Yosuke. Teddy runs up in amazement and Yu's power, and calling him "sensei".

Yu punches Yosuke and Izanagi strikes the shadow simultaneously
Yu punches Yosuke and Izanagi strikes the shadow simultaneously

Yosuke refuses to believe such a jerk comes from him. The Shadow taunts him that he acts all friendly because he's afraid to be alone. Yosuke tries to run, but the shadow knocks him back int Yu and Teddy. Teddy notices the shadows surrounding them are starting to resonate and could get dangerous if this goes on. Yosuke's shadow starts showing images on teh screen of how lame people think he really is. The creature attacks, but Izanagi pushes him back. The more the shadows mock him, Yosuke starts to panic. Yu calls out to Izanagi. While the Persona punches the shadow, Yu strikes Yosuke. Though, Yu notices he got the wrong person. He asks if he really did like Konishi. If his feelings were the outcome shouldn't matter.

Yosuke gains a Persona
Yosuke gains a Persona

Now calmed down, Yosuke admits that he knew he irritated others. He even annoys himself, but his love for Konishi was real. He finally admits that the shadow is a part of him. The shadow starts to panic as it writhes in pain. Yu commands Izanagi to strike, and after the bolt of lightning hits. it changes back into Yosuke and collapses. Yosuke approaches him, and admits that he is a part of himself. Smiling, the Shadow Yosuke transforms into Yosuke's Persona, Jiraiya. He takes the card into himself. He then turns to thank Narukami for his help

Chie's forgiveness has a heavy price
Chie's forgiveness has a heavy price

Back at Junes, Chie is still sitting on the ground with her head hanging and holding the rope. She notices Yosuke and Yu fall out of the TV and she starts crying out of worry. Yosuke tries to ask what's wrong. She screams at him while throwing the broken rope at him. She cries that she didn't know what to do after the rope was cut and was scared. Screaming that they are both terrible. The two apologize for making her so worried, and after a second she demands ten orders of beefsteak. Yosuke reluctantly agrees, and ropes Yu into helping with that. Though, Chie add that he'll be getting her nikudon. He accepts it, and she wipes the tears from her eyes saying only then that she'll forgive them.

Yu and Yosuke agree to find the killer together
Yu and Yosuke agree to find the killer together

Yu and Yosuke walk in the rain along the floodplains. Yosuke's exhausted and can't believe that Ms. Yamano and Konishi were thrown into that other world. He remembers how Teddy told them that when humans get thrown into this world that the same thing that happened to Yosuke happens to them. Yosuke wants to find the person who's been throwing people into the Midnight Channel. He looks to Yu and tells him that he really feels they can do it with him around. He reaches out, and they shake. they part ways as the rain stops, and Yu heads back home.

Yukiko's interviewed on the news
Yukiko's interviewed on the news

Later that night at home, Yu and Nanako watch a news interview with Yukiko Amagi. She's dressed in a traditional kimono, and lecherous reporters are grilling her with questions, not bothering to wait for her responses. They ask her about running the inn, but she tells them she's just filling in for her mother. They go on to ask if Ms. Yamano really stayed at their inn before she disappeared. Nanako suddenly laments that her father is late once again. She gets up to do the dishes, and Yu offers to help.

A girl in a kimono is seen on the Midnight Channel
A girl in a kimono is seen on the Midnight Channel

On the Midnight Channel, the image of a young girl in a kimono can be seen in the fuzzy images.

Points of Interest

  • Though Misuzi Hiiragi is seen in this episode. She is only ever shown in pictures from the poster.
  • Some of the faculty shown during the class meeting are teachers from the video game. The teachers shown are Mr. Hosoi (Literature), Kimiko Sofue (History), and Mrs. Nakayama (Math).
  • In this episode, Yu's Courage increased by one to Mild. Though, the official English subtitles shown by Anime Network originally said there was no change.


Amateur vs. Expert: PERSONA 4 #6 by Nick Robinson (Babylonian) & Kristoffer Remmell (FoxxFireArt). HERE

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