The Clan of the Empty Seven

The Clan of the Empty Seven is an anime episode of Afro Samurai that was released on 01/18/2007
After a brief flashback, the Afro Samurai is shown steering a small boat towards a mountain while Ninja Ninja remarks on how unnatural it looks. As Afro comes ashore, Ninja asks if he's not really stupid enough to walk right into a possible trap, but Afro simply ignores him and takes out a smoke as Brother #2 spies on him. Brother #1 hears the news, and rallies his brothers to destroy Afro. The brothers talk of how to best fight Afro, but #1 offers his own solution: the Afro Droid, a robot formed with the memories "Okiku" siphoned from Afro before she was killed. After revealing Afro Droid to the crowd of mercenaries gathered below, #1 decides to test him in a battle royale, claiming that the last man or machine standing will get the job of fighting the Number Two himself, Afro Samurai. Barely a minute after starting the contest, the Afro Droid is the only one standing.

Afro continues walking up the mountain, and spots the Afro Droid on a wooden bridge. Ignoring all of Ninja Ninja's protestations, Afro faces off against his robotic clone. However, Afro Samurai has trouble as the Afro Droid is able to copy all of his moves before he even makes them. Afro manages to defeat the Droid by taking the advice of his late sensei to heart, and then destroys him with one strike. Brother #6 blames "Okiku's data" and then tries to blow the bridge up, but Afro and Ninja survive the blast and cross the bridge. As Afro continues up the mountain, the droid appears to come back online.

After cutting a bloody swath through the cybernetic ninjas, Brother #3 of the Empty Seven Clan greets him with tea and says "Hachimaki o kudasai" ("Headband, please." in Japanese). Afro ignores him and continues on to fight Brother #6. After a brief fight, Afro finishes #6 by stabbing him in the gut, but #6 holds Afro's blade with his own body, as Brothers #4 and #5 jump out of his backpack and try to cut Afro down. However, they only cut through the remains of #6 instead. They try to keep Afro away from his blade, but Afro uses his sheath to attack #5, throws him into #4, and stabs a sword through both of them. Ninja remarks that "this shit you leave behind is nasty!" #2 tries hiding under a small pile of corpses to ambush Afro, but Afro pokes out both of his eyes, then shoves his own nightvision goggles deep into his head.

Afro continues moving up through the temple, only to face the slightly-damaged-but-still-alive Afro Droid who uses a few new techniques of his own. However, Afro makes use of a convenient smoke screen to latch onto the Droid's back. The Droid counters by rocketing up above the clouds and conducting a battle with Afro in midair. As they land back in the temple, the damaged Droid tries to fire off a chest-based laser cannon, but his own sword knocks him off balance, causing him to fire the cannon into the air before shutting down.

As Afro and Ninja take an elevator to the top, Brother #1 appears and fires a machinegun through the roof. When the doors open, #1 falls out of the elevator bloodied and beaten, while Afro and Ninja appear unscathed. Afro then finds himself facing another samurai with a large teddy-bear head. As the episode ends, the teddy-bear head says, "Long time no see, Afro Samurai."

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