Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs #9 - The Circle Of Life

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 02/19/2007

Plot Summary

Suguri bears witness to the full circle of life when she deals with the sad reality of a young puppy passing away, as well as the glorious birth of a litter of corgis! Meanwhile, a photo-op at the Woofles pet shop brings out all the regular customers and their dogs in full costume!

Viz Edition Release Date: June 17, 2008

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 87: Nakatani Heartland
  • Chapter 88: Working "Stuffed Animals" and Men's Dreams
  • Chapter 89: The Secret Dog Run
  • Chapter 90: The Little Angel
  • Chapter 91: Big News
  • Chapter 92: Hello, Puppy
  • Chapter 93: The First Pee
  • Chapter 94: One and Only Family
  • Chapter 95: Invisible Bond
  • Chapter 96: I Want One Moe
  • Chapter 97: Dog Photo Exhibit


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