The Cicadas Are Heard on Summer Afternoons

The Cicadas Are Heard on Summer Afternoons is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 04/08/2011

Episode Synopsis

Summer has arrived, and Kazuya is deciding how to spend his vacation, since he can't return to Japan. He gets invited by Avril to go with her to her grandmother's Mediterranean home. He initially agrees but, at the last moment before boarding the train, decides to his summer with Victorique, who would otherwise had been alone on campus. Initially Avril saw this as a caring gesture to a friend, but as her train departed, she learned that this friend was another girl, providing a shocked look on her face.

Victorique was reading books upstairs before Kujo said he was leaving, but was being very stoic towards him, not wanting to talk unless he brought a mystery or sweets, resulting in an annoyed Kujo running off quipping "I'll buy you sweets in the Mediterranean!"  this resulted in her sulking after he left, wanting him to be with her instead of going in the hot sun.

 An unexpected Reunion
 An unexpected Reunion
Victorique assumed Kujo had gone, and went outside near a tree to read a book, only to suffer from the heat. she was even more surprised to see him show up with an umbrella. initially she was hostile to him, but he mentioned he also received a package from his family, which had the answer to a challenge Victorique sent to one of Kazuya's brothers.

Kujo climbs up that same tree and begins to reminisce of his summers as a young boy spending them with his mother and sister. unbeknownst to him, Victorique is impressed he can climb trees and blushes, and promptly tries to do the same the next day she arrives, resulting in her being stuck in the tree. however, Victorique is too proud to ask for help and stays up, resulting in her missing out on cake Kazuya brought her, only to be eaten by her teacher.

 A painful landing
 A painful landing

Later on, it begins to rain, and as lighting flashed, Kojo remembered the days of him being scared of lightning. however, Victorique is still stuck in the tree, prompting him to go and get her down, where she jumps down on him, in a rather painful manner. he then follows her back to her home with the umbrella.

 Victorique enraged
 Victorique enraged

When he reaches her home, he's pleasantly surprised that she kept his sweet art, and even more surprised when she came out of her room with her kimono badly on trying to bring a tray of tea across to him, only for her to trip and everything to break. Kazuya offers to clean it up, jokingly calling her a klutz and condescendingly asking her why she made tea in the first place, then coming to the realization it was for him. he hurt her feelings such that for a brief moment she flew into a rage telling him to lap up the tea from the ground.

Sunny weather again.
Sunny weather again.
Later she calms down, and is seen lying down reading a book with Kazuya sitting on a sofa next to her. he then tells her of another challenge his brother left for her, which she promptly solves almost instantaneously. she then comments on him being the one who can climb trees the highest in the academy, and humbling himself to not constantly proclaiming himself as the "Third son of an Imperial Soldier", which is her way of complementing him. The rain also stops, and Kazuya makes his way back home.

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Hitoshi Nanba Director
Takashi Tomioka Character Artist/Designer Animation Director (OP/ED)
Tokuyuki Matsutake Key Animator Key Animator for a massive number of series, including many by Madhouse and Studio DEEN.
Hiroko Kazui Storyboard ED
Kotaro Nakagawa Music
Mari Okada Producer


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