The Choice of Fauzen

The Choice of Fauzen is an anime episode of Valkyria Chronicles that was released on 07/04/2009

Plot Summary

While Zaka and Rosie are sneaking around and getting closer to the armor tank, Largo and the others are freeing the Darcsen, and Alicia and the others are engaging the enemies and making riots. When Rosie enters the barracks, Zaka points out that the Imperials has forced the Darcsens to work in horrendous conditions without rest. Largo and the others are leading the Darcsens, and the Imperials notify Gregor. After Zaka and the others are preparing to blast the railroad tracks, Ramal and Isara hijack an Imperial tank and uses to blast the other tanks from behind. When an enemy tries to aim for Alicia, Faldio tackles Alicia to save her. Welkin fires at the enemy, and he sees Faldio getting a bit close to Alicia who is blushing. Faldio comments that he wish to stay on top of her longer.

Meanwhile, the Imperials are firing at Darcsens, and Largo and the others are shooting at the Imperials to provide cover. As the armor train storms by, Zaka detonates the tracks, and he states that only half of the explosions went off. Gregor is still alive, and he tells everyone via megaphone that he will bombard the Darcsens if the Gallians will not surrender. When Welkin is making a decision, he remembers Isara's reasons for fighting. Alicia pressures Welkins, and Faldio states he is giving the attack. Gregor has his army fired the cannons at the Darcsen concentration camp. Rosie charges at the train in anger, and Zaka pins her down. Isara fires at the cannon turrets. Zaka yells to Isara to fire at the remaining explosives.

As Gregor breathes his last breath, he states that Squad 7 still sacrificed Darcsen lives for this victory.

At the obliterated camps, Rosie is angered, and her memories of her family gunned down flashed in her mind.

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