The Child from the Mist

The Child from the Mist is an anime episode of Wakfu that was released on 10/30/2008

Episode 1: The Child from the Mist

The Child from the Mist (L'enfant des Brumes)

In a land flooded with magic, an ancient spirit emerges to deliver a child to a single person. Tasked with watching over the child, the boy Yugo grows up to be a feisty kid who loves helping his father around the village. But when he discovers an inert magic inside his body, an adventure unlike any other begins.

Plot Summary

In the alley's of a small village, a cloaked traveler emerges from the mist with a baby's carriage as he wanders aimlessly out of the village. As he journey's on, a robotic insect watches closely as a voice comments on the odd aura that surrounds the figure. The man approaches a bridge where a group of bandits try to ambush him but he fends them off with little effort. Before he can continue, a second cloaked man appears out of nowhere as he mentions that he was the one who got the bandits to attack. He states that he is powered by the wakfu in all things and that his bugs drain the energy out of them and plant it in his body. The figure leaves, not wanting to hear the tales of a madman as he states his name is Grougaloragran. The robotic man realizes that he is a dragon and has unspeakable amounts of wakfu. Trying to fight him, he attempts to use time magic to attack and steal the carriage but Grougaloagran is able to counter it as the madman is left in awe.

Some time later, Grougaloragran comes across two bounty hunters, Alibert and Ruel Stroud, capturing a thief who was trying to steal to feed his family. The two are unsure of his story until his daughter comes looking for him. Alibert tries to console the girl as Ruel knows what's about to happen. Alibert allows the prisoner to leave as he claims that he is hanging up his shovel for good. Grougaloragran deems him to be worthy to watch over the child as he hatches a tofu bird's egg and leaves the baby with the bird and a magical feather. Alibert sees the fog as he stumbles across the two infants and the blue feather; though touching it activates a rune that transfers into his brain.

Years later, Yugo and Az live with Alibert in the inn he runs as he has Yugo make the meals for today while he watches the front end. As this happens, Ruel is wandering back into town as two travelers ask him for directions. Trying to swindle them out of money, they run off before he gets the chance. At the inn, Ruel arrives as he and Alibert catch up on old times while Yugo cooks. However, in the midst of his cooking, he accidentally drops something. Reaching out, he opens up a portal in the air that sucks the jars up and drops them elsewhere. Amazed by his new abilities, he states he'll try them later as he serves lunch as Az appears with another blue feather.

However, things go sour quickly as a massive beast begins to terrorize the town. Bursting into the inn, the snarling beast looks around before a voice tells him to fight. Yugo stands up to the beast, trying to fight him as Ruel and Alibert also take up arms against the foul creature. After knocking out Yugo, Yugo is able to use his warp magic to pry a rune from the monster's head as it turns into a regular boy. Yugo confesses to Alibert about his power as the man is about to tell him the truth regarding his birth. Before he can do that, panic sweeps the town once more as little black creatures attack the city, turning people into plants as Yugo readies himself for another fight.

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