The Casebook of Charlotte Holmes

The Casebook of Charlotte Holmes is an anime series
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Angie Islington is a smart and courageous girl, the daughter of an Eng-lish aristocrat. After she solves the mystery of Queen Victoria's missing ring at a garden party, she is thanked by the monarch in person and awar-ded the title "Petite Angie"-why this is suposed to impress anyone, we don't know. Thenceforth, she is giv-en permission to work with Scotland Yard as a royal investigator. Angie helps the incompetent Inspector Jackson and his hunky blonde assistant Michael in solving many other crimes.

If ever any proof was needed of the bizarre fates of Japanese animation, this show is it. Originally conceived by Takara Planning as the tale of a gypsy girl traveling Spain in search of her mother (compare to Belle and Sebastian, or From the Apennines to the Andes), it somehow transformed in pre-production into a British detective drama. The series was subsequently screened across Europe and the Arab world, but it was released in America in a strangely edited compilation, in which live actors playing the great detective Sherlock Holmes and his companion Doctor Watson introduce episodes from the casebook of his supposed "relative" Charlotte. That interpretation had nothing to do with the original creators' intent, but then again, neither did the salacious fan base that Angie somehow attracted, making her one of the poster girls of the early "Lolita Complex" movement in Japan. Compare to Sherlock Hound and, as an example of how much times can change, Emma. More intentional adventures of a sleuth's relative can be found in Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.

Angie's surname is pronounced "Airington" in Japanese, leading us to believe that the creators picked it out from a London street map, unaware that the "s" in the district of Islington is not silent. Note also that in the original Japanese title petit is lacking the feminine suffix, an issue in French grammar that also escaped the original creators of Petite Cossette.

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Name The Casebook of Charlotte Holmes
Romaji: Jo-O Heika no Petit Angie
Publisher ?
Start Year 1977
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Aliases Her Royal Majesty's Petite Angie Angie Girl
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