Bleach #45 - The Burnout Inferno

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 06/04/2010

Plot Summary

The great battle heads for a climax as Aizen joins the battlefield and faces the Soul Society’s greatest captains. Captain General Yamamoto reveals his true powers for the first time, but will it be enough to stop Aizen?

Tousen is dead now, but the battle continues on as Gin and Aizen are remaining. After Ichigo is healed by Retsu Unohana he heads straight for Aizen. Aizen finishes off Tousen right before Ichigo comes. Ichigo dares to fight Aizen alone, but fails miserably. Then all the captains and Vizards suddenly come to help him out. They all sadly fail and Yamamoto comes. Yamamoto faces off with arrancar Wonderweiss who he easily defeats. When Yamamoto uses Rujin Jakka by sacrificing Wonderweiss Aizen defeats Yamamoto proving that his power is greater. Suddenly though Yamamoto makes a ring of fire around Aizen and manages to injure him. Allowing Ichigo to attack.

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 387 - Ignited
  • Chapter 388 - Eagle Without Wings 2 [EXTREME MASTER BATTLE MIX]
  • Chapter 389 - Winged Eagles 2
  • Chapter 390 - Beyond the Death Understanding
  • Chapter 391 - The Blazing Glaciers
  • Chapter 392 - The Breaking Glaciers
  • Chapter 393 - The Burnout Inferno
  • Chapter 394 - The Burnout Inferno 2
  • Chapter 395 - The Burnout Inferno 3


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