Shaman King #26 - The Brother's Nose

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 10/03/2003

Plot Summary

Gandala's Over Souls are wreaking havoc on Team Ren, and only Horohoro can save them! He hasn't a moment to lose because Lyserg, Tamao and Manta are about to be attacked, Hao is about to hatch his ultimate plan, and Yoh is about to learn that to grow stronger, he will need to make the ultimate sacrifice.



Japanese Release Date: October 3, 2003

American Release Date: January 5, 2010

Note: These titles come from the official dub manga volume.

Reincarnation 225: Zero Tolerance Page 7

Reincarnation 226: A Breath of Freshness - 息クール - (Iki Kūru) Page 27

Reincarnation 227: Nipopo Tekunpe - ニポポテクンペ - (Nipopotekunpe) Page 49

Reincarnation 228: An Act - 芝居 - (Shibai) Page 69

Reincarnation 229: The Magical Princesses Page 89

Reincarnation 230: Mother -母さん - (Kā-san) Page 109

Reincarnation 231: Countdown to Destruction - 壊滅カウントダウン - (Kaimetsu kauntodaun) Page 127

Reincarnation 232: Space Operation X - X -宇宙作戦X - (Uchū sakusen X) Page 147

Reincarnation 223: The Brother' Nose -兄の鼻 - (Ani no hana) Page 167

Character Profiles

#130-138 at January 2001

CharactersBirthday (Age)Astrological Sign and Blood
YainageOctober 29, 1963 (37)Scorpio and B
KaduDecember 12, 1953 (47)Sagittarius and B
JacksonAugust 29, 1970 (30)Virgo and A
Nipopo Tekunpe Gauntlets
(Horohoro's new Over Soul) Harki Hoku (Left Husband) and Simon Matak (Right Wife)
Little RedJanuary 12, 1921 (89)Capricorn and A
SamanthaApril 15, 1922 (78)Aries and O
MerlinJuly 16, 1918 (82)Cancer and A
Mr. Tarantula, Beelzebub, and Sluggy (Over Souls of Magical Princesses)N/AN/A
O.S. Bushin YuchiN/AN/A

Full Plot Summary



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