The Boy in the Iceberg

The Boy in the Iceberg is an anime episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender that was released on 02/21/2005

Book One: Water Ch. 1

The Boy in the Iceberg

Katara and Sokka, a brother and sister from the Southern Water Tribe, discover a twelve-year-old boy frozen in an iceberg. Katara wonders if this boy is the Avatar whom the world has been waiting for for a hundred years. Of course, his enemies in the Fire Nation have also been waiting.

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In the south pole area, Sokka hunts for a fish while Katara uses her waterbending to catch a fish. Even though Katara tells her brother she has caught one, Sokka does not listen as he focuses on catching his fish using conventional tools. The fish gets away when Sokka pops Katara's bubble. Suddenly, the boat gets caught in a swift current, and the siblings find themselves dodging multiple mini icebergs. The boat gets crushed with Katara and Sokka stranded on the ice. The two bicker and argue some more, and Sokka's sexist comments causes Katara to lose control over her waterbending. She unintentionally cracks a nearby iceberg. Suddenly, a glowing, blue iceberg reveals itself to the siblings. A mysterious figure opens his eyes, and Katara runs over and attempts to free the person by using Sokka's boomerang. With the iceberg broken, a light emerges. Nearby, Zuko spots the light and informs his uncle that the Avatar is here. Yet, Uncle Iroh does not believe him and wants him to enjoy some Jasmine tea.

Back at Katara's location, Aang wakes up and collapses into Katara's arms. He sees Katara's face and requests her that he wants to go penguin sledding with hm. Sokka asks Aang several questions to which Aang does not know. Aang climbs over the ice to wake up his sky bison, Appa. Then, the bison sneezes all over Sokka who gets cover by snot. When Katara asks Aang for his name, the young monk sneezes and soars several feet in the air. Katara realizes Aang is an airbender. Aang offers Katara and her brother a ride on his sky bison. Sokka reluctantly joins his sister on the bison, and Aang cannot get his bison to soar into the sky. As they swim across the sea, Zuko continues with his pursuit, and Uncle Iroh reminds him that his ancestors could not find the Avatar. Zuko replies that he will find him due to his lost honor. In Aang's nightmare, he and his bison drowns into the sea, but Aang's body begins to glow and freezes the water around him during the storm. After Aang wakes up, Katara helps him to meet her fellow villagers. Gran Gran is surprised that her grand children has found an airbender. Sokka questions Aang about his staff, and Aang demonstrates the use of his staff by flying around. Though, he crashes into Sokka's ice monument. Katara is ecstatic to meet a fellow bender, but Gran Gran thinks he is not special. Meanwhile, Zuko trains with his soldiers, and Iroh lectures him how to firebend properly.

Over at the Water Tribe village, Sokka instructs the children how to be soldiers, and the rest of them have to use the bathroom. Aang entertains the children, but Sokka does not like it since they have to prepare for war. Yet, Aang runs off to chase after a penguin. Near a flock of penguins, Katara asks Aang to teach her waterbending, and Aang tells her that he will find her a master at the North Pole. She instructs Aang on how to catch a penguin. The two have fun while they enjoy penguin sledding until they arrive to a Fire Nation's Navy warship. Despite that Katara does not want Aang to go inside, Aang goes in with Katara following him. Aang is confused why the Fire Nation attacked, and Katara explains that Aang must have been in the iceberg for a hundred years. The two continue exploring the ship, and Aang trips on a trap. The two get lock inside while a signal flare shoots into the sky. From the sea, Zuko spots Aang and Katara together, and he tells his soldiers about the Avatar's location.

Points of Interest

  • During the opening of the episode, Katara narrates about the four nations, the situation with her tribe, and the Avatar's disappearance.
  • The Avatar has gone missing for 100 years.
  • Katara is a waterbender while Sokka is not.
  • Katara and Sokka's mother is dead by the time when this series begin.
  • Animals Shown in this episode: Sky Bison, Penguin

Characters & Voice Actors

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Michael Dante DiMartino Writer Michael Dante DiMartino is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
Bryan Konietzko Writer Bryan Konietzko is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.


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