The Boy from the North

The Boy from the North is an anime episode of Shaman King that was released on 08/29/2001

Plot Summary

The Boy from the North - 北の国から来た少年 - (Kita no Kuni kara kita Shōnen)

Released on 9-29-2001

Northern Boarder

Released on 11-1-2003

Yoh and Manta finds Horohoro unconscious by a road with a snowman. Yoh uses a fishing rod with a fish to wake up Horohoro. When Yoh brings Horohoro to his house, Horohoro quickly eats all their food. Yoh, Manta, and Ryu asks Horohoro if he's lost. Suddenly, Horohoro farts and makes everybody go to the window except Yoh who's down. At first, Yoh lets Horohoro stay at his house, but Anna will not let him unless Horohoro does chores. Horohoro asks Yoh if Anna is his sister, but Yoh replies she's my fiancee. Horohoro shouts in disbelief and wondering if he should get a girlfriend. As Horohoro does chores and Anna leaves the house, Horohoro rushes outside only to be stop by Anna. Yoh knows Horohoro is looking for his belongings and wants to help him. 
     When Horohoro sees a flower in the city, he tells Manta and Yoh his goal in life. Since with the deforestation and the Koro Pokkuru are going to extinct, he wants to plant the world with coltsfoot (plants that are like umbrellas for the Koro Pokkuru). Yoh likes Horohoro's dream. After that, the scene goes to the daily training of Yoh and chores of Horohoro with Anna beating them up when Yoh and Horohoro take a break. At night, Anna suspects Horohoro is a shaman and an enemy because some shamans like Ren are in Tokyo for the shaman fight and may take out other contestants out. Suddenly, Ryu yells to the gang that Horohoro's missing. Horohoro is riding his snowboard after the Kyonoshi (corpse puppets of Tao family) As soon as one of the zombies attack Ryu, Horohoro protects Ryu. Yoh quickly assists Horohoro. Horohoro uses his oversoul by fusing his spirit Korokoro into the snowboard and freezes the zombies. In the end, it turns out Horohoro mistakes the zombies for taking his belongings and finds out the police has it. The episode ends with Anna attacking Horohoro by throwing Manta at him because Horohoro eats their watermelon at Yoh's house.

Points of Interests

Anime and Manga Difference

 In the manga, Yoh meets Horohoro during his first preliminary match of the shaman king tournament. 
Of course, Ryu meets Horohoro earlier in the anime than the manga before the Shaman King.

English anime and Japanese Anime Differences

 Horohoro's name is changed in the dub to Tracey. The fart scene is omitted in the English version. Also, in the English (not uncut) version, Horohoro only states he's from the north instead of Ainu.
New Characters
Horohoro and Kororo. Did not see Pirika Usui

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Hiroyuki Takei Writer Creator of the Shaman King manga. Currently he teamed up with Stan Lee to create a new manga called Ultimo.


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