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The Book of Eibon is a anime/manga location
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The character is head over heels of him -or herself. He/she might be the best(or not) , but usually the laziest to act and always underestimates the enemies. Rather popular concept for villains and rivals.


As the name suggests, it's a situation where a character's gender is switched.


In Soul Eater "Madness" is the power that Kishin and evil spirits use to corrupt others and drive them crazy, often resulting in them turning evil. After the release of Asura, Madness begins to build up around the world uncontrollably.


A group of Artificial constructs created by the Book of Eibon's Index to carry out it's tasks.


Often when a character needs to grow stronger in battle, they find this strength through anger. A character being overwhelmed with rage can give them great power or even let them grow to a new level.

Weight Gain

Weight Gain is when a character has a sudden increase in body mass and over all weight.

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