The Book of Bantorra Characters

The Book of Bantorra is an anime series in the Tatakau Shisho franchise
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Alme Noten

A street violinist who was briefly rescued, then abandoned, by Segal. After hearing news of his death, Alme went on a killing spree with a sword. She also has sensory threads just like Hamyutz.

Colio Tonies

A Meat who was turned into a human bomb in order to kill Hamutz Meseta, but eventually turns on his master thanks to Shiron's book.

Enrique Bishilie

A Meat from the Church who discovered he wielded the power of lightning. Currently an unofficial member of the Armed Librarians in Zatoh's body.

Feekiee Quen

Older Armed Librarian with the power to literally swim through solid objects.

Ganbanzel Groph

One of the Church's senior members, Ganbanzel has manipulated many people in his plans to destroy the Library.

Hamyuts Meseta

Director of the Librarians, Hamutz is considered the most powerful Librarian in the world.

Ireia Kitty

The oldest living Armed Librarian with incredible physical strength who works as a maid and instructor around the Library. She also has the ability to manipulate the flow of time around her.

Kyasariro Totona

An Armed Librarian with a cowboy hat who wields many pistols.

Lascall Othello

A mythical figure who supposedly transports the books of dead women to their loved ones. In reality, he's a bit less picky.

Mattalast Balory

A senior Armed Librarian with a dashing bowler hat and bow tie. Matt wields a revolver and has the power to see a few seconds into the future.

Minth Chesain

An Armed Librarian with the power to sense people's souls. Wields a short sword.

Mirepoch Finder

An Armed Librarian who often walks around in a military uniform and a bowl-cut. Her main power is telepathy, and she doesn't fight that often.

Mokkania Fleur

A mental child and Armed Librarian with a power that could even rival the Director's, he commands vast numbers of flesh-eating ants.

Noloty Maruchie

Apprentice Armed Librarian with a strong punch and a strong sense of justice, but refuses to kill anyone.

Renas Fleur

Mokkania's mother. Supposedly dead, but then reborn when her memories were placed in the body of a similar-looking Meat.

Ruweek Hartain

One of the Armed Librarians who can turn his skin into steel.


A "True Man" from the Church of Drowning in God's Grace, who carried the overpowered sword "Shlamuffen."

Shiron Byacornise

A woman with the power of premonition who foresaw both a plague and a cure three centuries ago, but was manipulated by the Church and was executed as an infamous witch.

Volken McMarney

A younger Armed Librarian who wields magical discs, he serves under Hamutz but questions her true motives.

Zatoh Rondohoon

A "book-eater" raised by the Church to absorb the books of powerful magicians in order to gain their abilities.

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