The Bloodstained High School Girl

The Bloodstained High School Girl is an anime episode of Btooom! that was released on 10/11/2012

A typical high school girl, betrayed by her neighbors, a forced player in the game of Btooom!, betrayed by the group she teamed up with. All men are scum.

— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

Himiko and Miho's happiest memory
Himiko and Miho's happiest memory

In a flashback, Himiko recalls how she meets Ryouta Sakamoto in a Btooom game. After Ryouta and his team's recent victory wowed everyone, Ryouta sees Himiko and asks her to play them since it's more enjoyable to play the game than watching it. Later, Miho apologize to Himiko that her brothers hogged the game and made her play with them. Miho notes how Himiko's beauty attracts the attention of all the guys, and Himiko tells her that she can have them. Himiko tells Miho about Ryouta as they try on the Btooom cosplay costumes in a photo booth. She tells Miho that Ryouta is a nice guy, but he could be an old man. Miho teases Himiko about sending a photo to Ryouta. Himiko treasures her normal high school life until that fateful event. At Btooom island, she wonders if this is her punishment. She opens her bag to see bombs. Back in her flashback, the girls look at Miho's chain letter.

Then, at the beach, she wakes up to see several men by her side. The man asks Himiko to come with them. They use their bombs to catch fish, and as they eat fish, they talk about the game and their location. The teacher (Isamu Kondo) tells them to work together, but the man with the bandana calls him a hypocrite. When the man with the bandana grabs his bomb, the teacher reach for his bomb. The bandana man grabs Himiko and threatens to kill her, and he tests the teacher. Then, Himiko uses her stun gun to get free. The fat man throws his bomb bag and the others follow. He nominates Himiko as their leader, and the others spot a plane dropping a something. They discover it's a suitcase of supplies. The others eat the food, and the teacher asks them to divide the food fairly.

Mitsuo squeezes Himiko
Mitsuo squeezes Himiko

Suddenly, the bandana man (Masashi Miyamoto) stabs the teacher and slits his throat, and Himiko is stunned by his horrendous act. In the flashback, Miho is stoked to hang out Yoshioka, and Himiko says that he and the band members invited her and her friends. Also, Himiko and Yoshioka lives in the same apartment. Himiko leaves her friends to get things from her apartment, and Miho is stoked to see Yoshioka. At Btooom! island late at night, Mitsuo wakes up Himiko and asks her to run away with him. They rest for a moment in the forest, and Mitsuo senses the man via his radar stone that is embedded in his hand. Mitsuo urges Himiko to run with him. They arrive to a rope bridge, and Mitsuo refuses to walk on the bridge. When the man asked Mitsuo how Mitsuo knew he was following them, Mitsuo tells it's a radar. Though, Mitsuo does not give him the complete information. Then, the man rushes to stab Mitsuo, and Mitsuo throws a bomb that unleashes smoke that defoliates the plants. The man dodges the bomb by ducking into the forest. Approaching the desert, Himiko wonders why the man has not let go of her arm. Mitsuo tells her to fight back, and when Himiko refuses to kill another person, she punches Mitsuo after remembering Yoshioka. Mitsuo grabs and squeezes Himiko. Mitsuo asks her why he hates her, and Mitsuo vows to protect her. Himiko stuns the man with her taser.

Miho: I hate you! I wish you disappear!
Miho: I hate you! I wish you disappear!

Over at Yoshioka's place, she arrives to see her friends Yuki and Arisa lying on the floor with their clothes undone. She is stunned that Yoshioka's band raped them. Yoshioka tries to kiss Himiko, but Himiko punches the man. She runs down the hallways only to see Miho crying. Miho struggles to break free from her rapist, and after Himiko kicks Yoshioka to get free, she runs to call for help while Miho's body gets dragged. Himiko states that Yoshioka and his band was arrested and that all her friends moved away. Miho yells at Himiko and wishes Himiko would disappear.

Mitsuo violates Himiko
Mitsuo violates Himiko

After recalling her painful past, Himiko feels drops of water on her skin. She realizes it is Mitsuo's drool. Before she could run away, Mitsuo knocks down Himiko and the taser. As he straddles her on the ground, he explains about the radar's usefulness. Mitsuo tears off Himiko's shirt and pushes her bra upward. He proceeds to violate Himiko by smothering his fat face upon Himiko's chest. Mitsuo unzips his zipper. Before Mitsuo could rape Himiko, Himiko activates her bomb to avoid being raped, and Mitsuo runs away. Himiko throws the bomb which hits Mitsuo. By the river, Himiko washes herself and declares all men are her enemies.

Points of Interest

  • Censorship: When Mitsuo violates Himiko, her exposed chest is blackened. As the camera pans away, Mitsuo's licking noises are heard.
  • Due to the graphic nature, the rape scenes are not shown.

Manga & Anime Differences

Rape Scene Altercations

Rape scenes are toned down in the anime. No drugs are seen. For the manga, pills are seen on the table and in Yoshioka's mouth. The manga has nudity while the anime does not.

Mitsuo's Attempted Rape Scene Altercations

The anime has censored most of Mitsuo's horrendous acts on Himiko. Whereas in the manga, he seen licking Himiko's breasts and touching Himiko's private spot.


  • Japanese Name: 血の女子高生
  • Manga Chapter: Chapter 32 -34 Note: There are remnants of Himiko's backstory and Mitsuo's attempted rape scenes (Ch. 16 and 22)
  • Opening Theme: "No Pain, No Game" by Nano
  • Closing Theme: "Aozora (Blue Skies)" by May'n

Characters & Voice Actors

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