The Black Swordsman

The Black Swordsman is an anime episode of Sword Art Online that was released on 07/28/2012

Silca is known as Dragon Tamer Silca, but after leaving her group she is caught and her pet, Pina paid the ultimate price. Before she is killed, Kirito saves her and offers her a choice.
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Plot Summary

Silica laughs at Kirito's answer
Silica laughs at Kirito's answer

Rosalia tells Silica that she does not need healing crystals due to Pina, Silica's beast. Silica quits being a member of Rosalia's party. Later, Silica has trouble fending off ape like enemies. She finds out that she is out of healing items. Unable to defend herself, Pina intercepts the enemy's attack and dies. With things looking grim for Silica, Kirito kills the enemies. She cries over her dead beast, and Kirito apologizes to her for not saving Pina in time. He asks her if the feather has a name, and he reassures her that she can revive her pet at Hill of Memories. Kirito gives Silica some equipment, and when Silica asks Kirito why he helped her, Kirito replies that Silica looks likes his little sister. On floor 35: Mishe, two guys asks Silica to join his party, and Silica grabs Kirito's arm and tells them that she has a partner already. They bump into Rosalia who asks Silica what happened to Pina. When Kirito backs up Silica, Rosalia comments that Kirito is seduced by Silica.

After walking away, Kirito explains about the indicators to Silica. Orange indicators means that players commit a crime while red means the person has killed a player. Silica grabs Kirito and tells him he is a good person. When Kirito thanks Silica, Silica blushes and changes the subject quickly. In her bedroom, Kirito asks Silica to talk with her, and Silica almost opens the door while in her undergarments. Kirito activates the mirage sphere to show where the Hill of Memories are. Then, Kirito senses someone behind the door, and he finds someone running down stairs. Kirito explains to Silica that one can enhance their listening skills.

Silica gets trapped by tentacles
Silica gets trapped by tentacles

In the flower garden, Silica sees a lot of couples, and she blushes. Kirito gives a crystal to Silica and tells her to use it when things get dangerous. Silica gets attack by a flower monster with tentacles. After being hang upside down, she kills the monster and asks Kirito if he saw her panties. During their adventure, she asks Kirito about her little sister. Kirito replies that his sister is his cousin. He explains that he has been distancing himself because of his grandpa who beat him up for quitting the kendo dojo. His cousin work hard and made it the nationals. He tells Silica that he feels bad that his cousin worked hard for his sake. Kirito states he is doing this to atone, and Silica reassures Kirito that his cousin loves Kendo. Silica walks into another trap where tentacles grab her until Kirito kills the beast. Arriving to the flower, Silica obtains the pneuma flower.

Rosalia reveals her true motives
Rosalia reveals her true motives

On the bridge, Kirito asks Rosalia to come out. He mentions Rosalia's guild name, and he explains to Silica that green players like her target players for the orange players. Kirito tells Rosalia about the Silver Flags guild and its only survivor, the leader, asks someone to stop Rosalia. Rosalia summons the orange players, and Kirito tells Silica to step back. When the players hear Kirito's name, one of them tells Rosalia that they should back down. During the attack, Kirito just lets the players attack him, but Kirito's health regenerates due to his battle healing skills. He reveals the warp prison crystal that will take everyone to jail. Before Rosalia can attack, Kirito pins her easily.

With the incident over, Kirito tells Silica that he has to go back to the front lines. He tells her that they should meet in the real world someday. As Silica revives Pina, she promises to talk to Pina about her big adventure and big brother.

Points of Interest

  • Silica and Rosalia make their first debut.
  • Pina's Heart is a feather, the remains of Pina.
  • Rosalia is the leader of the orange guild, Titan's Hand.
  • Silica is known as the Dragon tamer.
  • Hill of Memories is where fallen beasts can be revived. However, the player has three days to do it before it's too late.
  • The two guys from episode 1 makes another appearance in this episode.
  • Orange players are ones who commit crimes.
  • Red players are ones who kill other players.
  • Kirito's battle healing skills allow him to heal 600 HP every 10 seconds. He is level 78.


  • Japanese Name: 黒の剣士
  • Light Novel Chapter: The Black Swordsman (Aincrad 35th Floor, February 2024)
  • Opening Theme: "crossing field" By LiSA
  • Ending Theme: "Yume Sekai (ユメセカイ; Dream World)" by Haruka Tomatsu

Characters & Voice Actors

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Reki Kawahara Original Concept Light novel writer
Tomohiko Ito Director Director of Occult Academy
LiSA LiSA is a Japanese singer who sings the "oath sign" in Fate Zero and "crossing field" in Sword Art Online.
Haruka Tomatsu "Yume Sekai (ユメセカイ; Dream World)" Ending Theme Song


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