The Black Gundam

The Black Gundam is an anime episode of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam that was released on 03/02/1985

A young blond man piloting a red 'Rick Dias' mech infiltrates the Colony of Green Noa 1. This man is Quattro Bejeena, an agent of the AEUG (Anti Earth Union Group) and his mission is to investigate the colony's weapons development facility. This facility is owned and maintained by the fascist organisation known as the Titans, formed by the Earth Federation to wipe out all the remaining Zeon remnants. Quattro, using his jetpack, spots the Titan's newest weapon, the Gundam Mk. II. Unfortunately he is spotted and is chased out of the colony.

Elsewhere on Green Noa 1, a young boy named Kamille Bidan skips class to the chagrin of his girlfriend, Fa Yuiry. The two of them ride to the hanger with the intention of seeing Bright Noah, a great hero of the one year war. On the way there, Kamille has a Newtype flash of awareness, seeing thorough the walls and into space. Quattro feels this as well remarking that it feels as if Amuro Ray or Lala Sune was near.

Shortly after this, hotshot Titan pilot Jerid Messa overhears Fa use Kamille's name. Jerid regards this with mocking interest, pointing out that Kamille is a girl's name. Kamille, incredibly insecure about his name, lunges across the room and deacks Jerid in one blow. This gets him restrained, beaten and taken away for questioning. The Titans badger him, believing that he is a member of the AEUG citing his anti social behavior and avid interest in Mobile suits as evidence. It is at this point that Quattro was making his escape, due to the collateral damage caused by Jerid, the pilot in control of the Mk. II, Kamille is able to make his escape stealing a jeep in the process.

In space, Quattro issues the order for the Argama, the AEUG flagship, to fire on the Green Noa 1 cylinder and the episode ends.

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