The Black and White Sacred Mechanoids

The Black and White Sacred Mechanoids is an anime episode of Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar that was released on 03/20/2009
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar
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Kenshi's new Sacred Mechanoid is impressive, but he needs a mighty weapon to go with it. Kenshi must make his own legend-worthy sword. As if that weren't bad enough, he has to fend off Lan and her group of bandit friends while he's making it!

Plot Summary

The Black and White Sacred Mechanoids
RomajiShiro to Kuro no Seikijin
Air Dates
March 20, 2009
March 5, 2013
Theme Music
OpeningKono Sekai wa Bokura wo Matteita
EndingSora to Kimi no Message

There is a conversation with no voices, just words (possible the Chousin). They talk about sending a person on a journey to a foreign land. The person is revealed at the end to be a person named: Kenshi.

We begin to see this foreign land for the first time. Everyone seems to be gathering to a small island. They are all turning up for a Coronation ceremony. A small girl by the name of Lashara is becoming Queen of Shitoreiyu.

In the full moon of night Lashara’s ship known as the Swan is returning to the Holy Land. The base of the Swan is made of a small mountain with a flat top. At the back of the flat surface is a small castle. Awaiting the Swan is a person inside a big robot known as Seikishi is hiding in the shadows. Inside the Swan, Lashara and other people are observing a Seikishi when the alarm is alerted of an enemy white Seikishi approaching. The alarm being little white squirrel creatures with two tails known as Kora (plural: Korens). Chiaia, Lashara’s right hand woman takes instant command and prepares a defence but not without Lashara requesting she capture this enemy for questioning. Chiaia enters her own Seikishi with the amour colours being red and pink. She then stands her ground in front of the white Seikishi. They both engage in combat and quickly it is easy to see the white Seikishi is the better of the two. While they battle, inside the castle is another Seikishi, a blue type attacks Lashara. The blue Seikishi about to deliver the fatal blow but is attacked by a second Seikishi of Lashara. This time it is Wahanly. Lashara’s eccentric mechanic. Now distracted long enough by Wahanly, Lashara escapes the blue Seikishi. After hearing the commotion in the castle, Chiaia realises that this Seikishi was a decoy and tires to retreats. While Wananly now has the blue Seikishi cornered another Seikishi comes to its aid and saves the blue Seikishi. Wahanly then moves to help Chiaia against the white Seikishi, now it is two against one. Due to this, the White Seikishi releases a limiter that increases the robot’s power. This does not give a long advantage because the white Seikishi begins to decay. The short advantage was all it needed to knock them down and move in on its target. When Chiaia gets to the white Seikishi, the pilot of it has gone. On top of the castle, Lashara watches on until she hears something behind her. A boy struggling to move enters her sight. He pulls out a knife, Lashara keeps her cool as if this happens on a daily bases, he then drops the knife. From behind Chiaia comes into play and charges at the exhausted boy with a dagger however the boy still has some life in him and without looking, steps back and flips Chiaia over him. Unfortunately releasing the limiter took too much out of him and collapses. Chiaia makes her move and jumps on him but before she could piece his chest with her dagger Lashara stops him. Lashara has other ideas. She plans on getting what information he has while bringing him into her care.

The boy wakes up in the morning naked and trapped in a cage. He is given clothes by Chiaia and then threatened about telling anyone that he attacked the Queen. She presses a button that brings him outside hanging just of the Swan ship with a big drop.

Inside the Lashara’s quarter, Lashara tells Chiaia that she wants Wahanly to be a part of her guard. While informing her, another Seikishi arrives. This one being mostly of the colour purple. A pinked haired, well-endowed woman came from the Seikishi. This woman being Chiaia’s sister, Mexiah.

Night time had come once again; the boy was still in the cage. A man called Ulyte introduced himself after giving the boy some food. The boy then introduced himself as well. His name is Kenshi Masaki. When Ulyte returns to everyone else waiting inside, they are all surprised with his unusual name. Then they hear him sneeze. They give him a blanket and leave.

Everyone is asleep as is Kenshi in the cage. He hears a noise and wakes up. Mexiah is with him under the blanket, naked. Chiaia storms in after a ruckus thinking Kenshi has done something and is shocked to see her sister. She drags her out very angrily.

The next visitor is a girl not part of Lashara’s staff. She has green hair and pink eyes. Kenshi knows her because he calls out her name. Doll. She opens the door for him to go with her. Kenshi is hesitant at first but eventually goes. Doll pilots the black Seikishi. Unfortunately for her, Kenshi was bait.

A masked person informs Jyunrei, the Dark Elf guards that an uninvited guest has entered the skies of their territory.

Chiaia wakes up after being informed they had taken the bait, gets ready and leaves in Wahanly’s Seikishi.

Kenshi returns to the masked person piloting the blue Seikishi and possible leader of the attack. He questions why he never killed Lashara. They then find a transmitter on Kenshi. It is now revealed that the masked person promised Kenshi to return to him to his world however he never intended to do it, and really intended to kill him after he killed Lashara.

A dark elf woman patrolled the area and found a ship. Took cover and watched what it was doing.

On the ship the masked man on his guards tried to kill Kenshi. They seemed unaware of his martial arts prowess. While unarmed he effortlessly defeated many swordsman and escaped. Kenshi gets outside and sees how high up he is. Kenshi becoming dizzy again decides to jump and possible hope for the best. Luckily for him Aura, the dark elf woman moves in to save him without thinking. She is then chased by the blue Seikishi and for Aura to be helped by the one who informed her of the uninvited guest. Chiaia shows up and tries to cover but they appeared to have retreated so they both returns back to the Swan.

Before Aura entering the castle Chiaia tries to stop her because she has Kenshi but they both have reasons for wanting him so they are at a stalemate. Until Lashara appears. Everyone else appears too. Aura believes Kenshi’s sickness is the emission that the Seikishi gives off. Mexiah checks Kenshi and informs them it is a disease.

Ulyte examines Kenshi and tells everyone that he may have 6 hours until the disease kills him. So Mexiah and Aura leaves for ingredients to help. After they leave, the Swan is under attack. Chiaia attacks but it is three against one. So she uses Kenshi’s ‘unusually’ tactic, he used on her. It instantly pays off by taking one of them out. However it seems like a tactic that only Kenshi could sustain. The blue Seikishi is about to defeats her. Wahanly comes out with another invention, a tank that takes down one of the Seikishi.

Meanwhile Aura finds the ingredients but is attacked by Doll in the black Seikishi. Aura finds it hard trying to retreat and before the black Seikishi delivers the final blow Aura puts up a shield that knocks the Doll backwards into the ground. Mexiah find Aura and shows her the ingredients.

On the Swan, it is not looking goof for Wahanly who now has run out of bullets. So Chiaia falls on top of the tank. The blue Seikishi flies towards them but is it with a blast from Chiaia’s Seikishi. He then is surrounded by the retuning Aura and Mexiah so he quickly retreats.

They used the ingredients to make a cure for Kenshi.

Kenshi wakes up later fully cured surrounded by everyone.Kenshi wakes up later fully cured surrounded by everyone.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Masaki Kajishima Original Concept A freelance animator whose name is most often found on the production credits of works by the AIC studio.
Hajime Watanabe Character Artist/Designer
Hideki Shirane Series Composition
Koji Yoshikawa Director
Nobuhito Sue Art Director Main art design
Hiroshi Ogawa Animator Prop design
Naohiro Washio Mech Designer
Akifumi Tada Music
Jun Watanabe Sound Engineer Sound direction
Eiji Ishimoto Animation Director
Yoshiyuki Matsuzaki Producer


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