The Bitten Planet of Suspended Space

The Bitten Planet of Suspended Space is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 04/26/1979

It was not long before the Bitten Planet was eaten away entirely and vanished. And Tetsuro does not know what happened to Edmond after that.” - Narrator

Tetsuro spots Edmond on the GE999
Tetsuro spots Edmond on the GE999

In this episode, Tetsuro and Maetel are traveling aboard the GE999 when they meet a man named Edmond in the dining hall. Edmond is a retired space warrior from a planet named Sweet Sweet, which he hasn’t been back to in over fifty years. He joins Maetel and Tetsuro for diner where he tells them about all of the great things about his home planet and his fond memories growing up there as a child. Maetel is quiet with a somber expression on her face while Edmond says these things and Tetsuro asks her why she was like this once the two of them return to their car. Maetel tells him that he will find out soon enough.

The vacuums that siphon soil from the Bitten Planet
The vacuums that siphon soil from the Bitten Planet

A short time later, the Conductor arrives and announces that the next stop on the GE999 route is the Bitten Planet. Edmond is upset because he believes that the Conductor has mistaken the name of the planet but the Conductor tells him that the name changed from Sweet Sweet roughly thirty years ago. As the planet becomes visible from the GE999, Edmond is horrified to discover huge chunks of land missing from it. After landing on the planet, the three go their separate ways. At a ramen stand, Maetel and Tetsuro find out that the government began selling the land of the planet due to its sweet taste. Edmond eventually finds this out on his own when he sees a huge crane shoveling land onto a spaceship for transport and vows to put a stop to it.

Corrupt officials from the Bitten Planet
Corrupt officials from the Bitten Planet

After nearly being caught by a crane siphoning dirt from the planet, Tetsuro and Maetel see Edmond attacking the officers responsible for the destruction of the planet. Edmond is captured but Maetel and Tetsuro come to his rescue and are able to secure his safety by threatening to destroy the piles of gold that the officers have received from their sale of soil. The three of them return back to the GE999 with Edmond vowing to find a new place to call home.

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