The Bellflower Girl

The Bellflower Girl is an anime episode of Bunny Drop that was released on 07/08/2011

Plot Summary

Not having been to his grandfather's house for a long time, Daikichi remembers that the man was not very popular amongst relatives. There, in the yard of the house, he spots a small girl holding a bell flower. Stunned, the two lock eyes, and the child blushes and runs off.

Inside, he meets his mother and asks about the child. She is revealed as the grandfather's illegitimate daughter and is treated as a tarnish on the family's reputation. Her birth mother had long left and Daikichi jokes with his family, calling the child his aunt.

Daikichi, who had wandered into his family discussing the costs of the funeral precessions, finally sees his relatives, who lament his truancy in family events. Though the rest of the family seems distraught and flabbergasted at the situation concerning Rin, Daikichi displays an unusual reverence for his grandfather. Daikichi dismisses his uncles as they begin to fall asleep but sees Rin struggling to stay awake as well. He lets her lean on his body as a pillow as she begins to sleep peacefully.

During the funeral ceremony, the members of the family place flowers on the casket of the dead. Rin approaches the casket but does not accept the flowers. Instead, she surprises everyone in the room by dashing out into the yard and grabbing bell flowers from the garden, the grandfather's favorite flowers.

As the funeral ends and the family reconvenes to discuss what to do about the illegitimate child, Reina complains to Daikichi about how weird Rin is and about how bored she is making her. Daikichi decides to give her a handful of candies as she is dragged away by her mother. But it seems that Reina's opinion is one shared amongst the family as no one wants the responsibility of taking care of the child. When his uncle suggests placing the child into a foster home, Daikichi becomes incensed, slams his cup of tea on the table, and walks out. There, he calls Rin and asks if she wants to stay with him.

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