The Beginning of The New Chapter! The Straw Hats Reunited!

The Beginning of The New Chapter! The Straw Hats Reunited! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 10/02/2011

Fish-Man Island Arc

The Beginning of The New Chapter! The Straw Hats Reunited! - 新章開幕 再集結! 麦わらの一味 (Shinshō Kaimaku - Saishūketsu! Mugiwara no Ichimi)

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With two years passed, the pledge to return to Sabaody... Luffy has made himself into quite a fighter, but will the other crew return as they had promised? Meanwhile, it looks like a pirate band is recruiting in Sabaody, but something is not quite as it seems...
— FUNimation


Episode Synopsis

The Beginning of The New Chapter! The Straw Hats Reunited!
Kanji新章開幕 再集結! 麦わらの一味
RomajiShinshō Kaimaku - Saishūketsu! Mugiwara no Ichimi
Air Dates
October 2, 2011
October 1, 2011
MangaCh. 598 (Vol. 61)
Theme Music

"We Go" by Hiroshi Kitadani

Written and Composed by Shouko Fujibayashi and Kouhei Tanaka

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Luffy refuses Hancock's proposal
Luffy refuses Hancock's proposal

Two years have passed on Ruskaina Island in the Calm Belt. Luffy walks through the snow to claim his straw hat that he put on the island's safe spot. Margaret watches the giant and violent beasts fight over food. She draws her bow when one looks ready to attack her, but Luffy tells them not to mess with one of his friends. The creators obey, and Sandersonia comments how Luffy has become the boss of the island. Luffy partly regrets making friends with the animals since he couldn't eat them. Rayleigh isn't there, because he had left six months ago after he had taught Luffy the basics with Haki. Hancock tells Luffy there is plenty of food on the ship for the journey. He thanks her, and she says that's her duty as a wife. Luffy says he doesn't want to be married. He places his straw hat on his head, and readies to set sail again.

Zoro appears at Shakky's bar
Zoro appears at Shakky's bar

On Sabaody Archipelago, Rayleigh and Shakky sit in her bar and talk about how it's time for the Straw Hats reunion. The door opens behind them, and Roronoa Zoro is the first member of the crew to return. Ten days later, Nami is sitting in a bar and learns how Marineford is now called "G-1 Base" and has switched names with the original G-1 on the other side of the Red Line. This is partly due to the instability of the Four Emperors. She overhears men in the bar talking about a flyer advertising Monkey D. Luffy looking for recruits. After the Straw Hat's two year absence, many were sure the crew was dead. The door to the bar bursts open, and a man in a straw hat walks in followed by three others.

Soul King Brook performs
Soul King Brook performs

Deeper inside Sabaody Park, Brook has become a world famous entertainer called "Soul King Brook". Posters are everywhere, the line into his concert is enormous. The word has spread this is the last stop on his tour. Inside his dressing room, Brook has something to tell his managers. These are the same three who originally abducted him and put him on display. They're all now wearing expensive suits. On stage, Brook warms the crowd up for his anniversary concert. Backed up by his band, he starts his popular "Bone to Be Wild" song. The managers are enraged in the dressing room at Brook's selfishness. The leader calls for a transponder sail.

Sanji overjoyed to see real women again
Sanji overjoyed to see real women again

Sanji has just landed thanks to the Kamabakkas of Peachy Island. Sanji looks around and he suddenly spots real women. He's brought to tears seeing real women after three years. He rushes at the terrified girls, as he screams how he needs a lady. His joy is cut short as the Kamabakkas call out to him. They say how they truly hope they will meet again one day. He quickly spins around to tell them he never wants to see any of them again, butt to give Ivan his thanks. He runs off in search of Nami and Robin. The Kamabakkas know that boys always curse at the girls they love, and regret having to let him go.

Nami tells the Fake Luffy off
Nami tells the Fake Luffy off

Back at the bar, a large man pretending to be Luffy shoots and man who was trying to join his crew. With him are a Fake Nami, Fake Franky, and a Fake Sogeking. The Fake Luffy taunts the man after shooting him. Saying how he's the son of the Revolutionary leader, Dragon. He shoots the downed man again, and everyone is too scared to say a thing. Fake Luffy talks about all the big name pirates that have offered to join his crew. Two of which are the dangerous rookies Caribou and Coribou. The Fake Luffy calls out for drinks, and tells the real Nami to stop drinking quietly and join him. Nami refuses since she's waiting for a real man. The bartender tries warning Nami that this man is Monkey D. Luffy who was part of the war at Marineford. Fake Sogeking says he's probably just a weakling who will bow his head in apology to his captain, and her orders her to come over. Nami tells them one last time that she's not interested in drinking with them, and even seems to question who they are.

Usopp presents himself
Usopp presents himself

The impostor Luffy is enraged at the insult that she doesn't know who he is. Before he can shoot her, his own Fake Nami takes his cut. She aims the pistol at Nami and tries to claim that she's the Cat-Burglar Nami. Before the fake can do anything. Someone fires at the Fake Nami and she's caught up by a giant living plant. A man's voice asks Nami if she fill have a drink with him. She turns and sees it's Usopp. She hugs him in joy, and he certainly notices how she's grown. She asks if that attack was his. he tells her those are his Pop Greens, and that he's graduated out of the weak trio of her and Chopper. Though he's shocked to see the Sogeking across the room and there is someone who looks like Luffy. Nami drags him out just as the room begins to fill with dark clouds. The building is filled with lightning as they exit, and she tells Usopp about the new technologies she has. Usopp is shocked to learn she was really on a sky island the whole time. The Fake Straw Hats stumble out of the bar, and the Fake Luffy wants those two dead.

Nico Robin after two years on Sabaody Archipeago
Nico Robin after two years on Sabaody Archipeago

At the G-1 Base, formally Marineford; the commander is given word how Monkey D. Luffy has been spotted on Sabaody Archipelago and he's looking for a crew. The order is give to move out their full force to finally capture the pirate. Nico Robin is wondering the streets of Sabaody Archipelago and swiftly evades the World Government agents following her by ducking in an alley. She has both flyers from brook's concert and the call of Monkey D. Luffy looking for a crew. She's confused about what it going on.

Tony-Tony Chopper after two years
Tony-Tony Chopper after two years

A very changed Franky has finally found the Thousand Sunny. The ship has a new coating that's ready to go, and he marvels at how there isn't a single scratch on it. Back in town, Tony-Tony Chopper is eating some manju as he happily walks and can't wait to find the others.

The real Monkey D. Luffy arrives
The real Monkey D. Luffy arrives

Elsewhere, the Fake Luffy has shot a woman because he had mistaken her for Nami. The man she is with has a long nose. Just for this resemblance he's shoots them both. The people in town are too scared to challenge who they think is Monkey D. Luffy. As the Fake Luffy is distracted by his rage to find the two who made a fool out of him, a young man carrying a giant backpack and wearing a cloak bumps into the Fake Luffy. The impostor falls to the ground and his crew is shocked. The young man stops to apologize for knocking him down and starts walking away. The fake shouts out for him to stop. The young man that turns and look out from under her cloak is the real Monkey D. Luffy.

Points of Interest

  • This episode does not open with the new opening theme that begins this episode. The song "We Go!" is both written and performed by the same artists who created the first theme song for One Piece, "We Are!". They described "We Go!" and the answer to "We Are!".
  • This episode marks the first big time skip in the One Piece series.
  • The opening title of this episode doesn't appear until 6:40.
  • The result of the wounds Luffy suffered at the hands of Akainu are exposed in this episode.
  • Zoro's appearance in this episode is out of continuity of his reveal in the manga.
  • This episode is the first official reveal of Sanji's left eye. In previous episodes in which it appeared it was due to animation mistakes.
  • In the original manga, Sanji was flipping the Kamabakkas the middle finger as he was saying goodbye.
  • The real identity of the fake Luffy isn't revealed until Episode 521. Much of the rest of his Imposter Straw Hats were later named in the supplementary volumes.
  • The appearance of the pirates Caribou and Coribou is out of continuity with the original manga.
  • The scene of Robin, Franky, and Chopper''s introduction was changed from the manga.

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
UsoppSure Kill Green Star: Devil
Nami(unnamed electrical attack)

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