The Avatar Returns

The Avatar Returns is an anime episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender that was released on 02/21/2005

Book One: Water Ch. 2

The Avatar Returns

When Prince Zuko attacks the Water Tribe, it's up to Aang to save the village.

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Gran Gran and the villagers wait for Katara and Aang to arrive, and Sokka blames Aang for setting off the Fire Nation's flare. Aang admits it's his fault, and Sokka tells Katara that he is protecting his village from the enemy. Katara protests them and tells them that Aang has brought enjoyment into their lives. With the others refusing to listen, Katara prepares to take off with Aang, but she cannot leave her village. Though, Aang tells her that he needs to see his home again. Katara finds her chance of being a better Waterbender ruined. Later, Aang spots a Fire Nation's warship on a route towards Katara's village. Sokka gets ready for battle, and at the same time, Zuko prepares as well. When the ice shakes violently, Zuko's ship cuts through the thick ice as it comes closer to the village. Zuko arrives, and when Sokka charges at him, Zuko kicks him down. He grabs Gran Gran and asks the villagers where the Avatar is. Sokka attempts to attack Zuko and throws his boomerang at him only to miss. However, the boomerang hits Zuko on the way back.

Out of nowhere, Aang rides on a penguin and sweeps Zuko off his feet. The Firebenders surround Aang, and when Zuko mentions that Aang is the Avatar, everyone is shock. Aang turns himself in when he sees the villagers are frighten by Zuko's firebending. After the event, the villagers all feel gloomy, and Katara tells Sokka that they have to save him. Sokka informs her about the boat, and Gran Gran gives them supplies. On the warship, Zuko steals Aang's staff while the guards escort Aang to his cell. Aang blows a gust to knock the guards, and he quickly runs away. As Appa swims, Katara and Sokka try to make Appa fly, and Sokka says the magical words, "Yip Yip." Meanwhile, Aang runs all over the place and evades the guards. He finally finds his staff only to get trapped by Zuko. Zuko engages Aang who circles around Zuko easily. Aang runs around in the room and manages to get his staff back which allows him to knock Zuko against the wall. Before Aang can escape into the sky, Zuko grabs his leg and pulls the young monk down. In the sky, Appa arrives, and Aang falls over the ship when Zuko blasts him with firebending.

Suddenly, Aang goes into his Avatar Mode and uses waterbending to defeat Zuko and his guards. Appa swoops in; Katara and Sokka arrive to help Aang get on Appa's back. Katara attempts to freeze the guards only freeze Sokka's leg. Though, she manages to freeze the guards on the second try. Iroh helps Zuko, and the two launches streams of flame at Aang's group. Yet, Aang deflects it with a gust and the flames hit the cliff side of the iceberg. Iroh comments that the Fire Nation's greatest threat is a child, but Zuko thinks more of his adversary. High above the skies, Katara advises Aang to learn the arts of the 3 elements by going to the North Pole first.

Points of Interest

  • For the first time, Sokka teases Katara about Aang being her boyfriend.
  • Aang's airbending boosts his evasion and agility greatly.
  • To get Appa in the air, one says "Yip Yip."
  • For the first time since being free from the iceberg, Aang activates his Avatar mode.
  • This episode marks the first time that Katara can freeze ice.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Bryan Konietzko Writer Bryan Konietzko is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
Michael Dante DiMartino Writer Michael Dante DiMartino is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.


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