Claymore #18 - The Ashes of Lautrec

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 06/07/2011

Plot Summary

Shueisha Edition Release Date: July 2, 2010

Proper Japanese Title: Rōtoreku no Kaijin (ロートレクの灰燼)

After finding herself mysteriously drawn to the lair of Riful of the West, Clare made contact with the fused form of Rafaela and Luciela, which Awakened and transformed into the terrible being known as the Destroyer. Now, the entire land of Lautrec is subject to its dreadful, relentless assault. It seems that nothing, and no one, can halt the devastation. But there may be one force that is greater still...

Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 096: "Eye of Selfish Desires" (私欲の眼 "Shiyoku no Manako")

Tankōbon: "Ashes of Lautrec I" (ロートレクの灰燼 I "Rōtoreku no Kaijin I")

  • Chapter 097: "Bitter Tears of Desperation" (窮余の紅涙 "Kyūyo no Kōrui")

Tankōbon: "Ashes of Lautrec II" (ロートレクの灰燼 II "Rōtoreku no Kaijin II")

  • Chapter 098: "Wailing Cleave" (慟哭の劈開 "Dōkoku no Hekikai")

Tankōbon: "Ashes of Lautrec III" (ロートレクの灰燼 III "Rōtoreku no Kaijin III")

  • Chapter 099: "Craving Flesh And Blood" (血肉への渇望 "Chiniku e no Katsubō")

Tankōbon: "Ashes of Lautrec IV" (ロートレクの灰燼 IV "Rōtoreku no Kaijin IV")

  • Chapter 100: "Meeting with the Bitter Enemy" (仇敵邂逅 "Kyūteki Kaikō")

Tankōbon: "Ashes of Lautrec V" (ロートレクの灰燼 V "Rōtoreku no Kaijin V")

  • Chapter 101: "Wedge" (楔 "Kusabi")

Tankōbon: "Ashes of Lautrec VI" (ロートレクの灰燼 VI "Rōtoreku no Kaijin VI")


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