The Armored Planet

The Armored Planet is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 01/04/1979

Plot Summary

"Survival of the fittest. The realization that the strong creatures in the galaxy prosper on the blood of the weak makes Tetsuro very sad. He doesn't want to sacrifice anything. But even more, he doesn't want to be the one being sacrificed." - Narrator

Maetel is critically wounded while trying to protect Tetsuro
Maetel is critically wounded while trying to protect Tetsuro

The Galaxy Express stops on the Armored Planet and Maetel and Tetsuro decide to explore the area. While out, a small Panzer Beetle attacks Tetsuro. Maetel seems worried about it and tells him to duck but Tetsuro acts nonchalant about the situation, thinking that it's only a small bug. Maetel tells him that the bugs on this planet are covered in armor and are essentially like bullets, but it is too late. A bug rapidly approaches Tetsuro and Maetel throws herself in front of it to save him and is critically wounded. Tetsuro and the Conductor carry her back to the safety of the ship but her injuries are too severe to be treated with first aid kit. With no doctor on the 999, Tetsuro begins to panic and asks the Conductor is there is anything he can do to help Maetel. Using the computers aboard the ship, the Conductor is able to find a doctor on the planet and Tetsuro leaves to find him.

Maetel's body being healed
Maetel's body being healed

After Tetsuro has left the 999, the same voice that called out to Maetel on the Black Knight's planet tells the Conductor to leave Maetel's train car. The Conductor is confused at what is going on but he refuses to leave Maetel alone with whatever entity spoke to him, even when his life was threatened. Maetel pleads with him to leave and he agrees reluctantly. Once Maetel is alone, the voice tells her that she cannot die until her mission is complete. The voice instructs her to remove her clothes and she does, which triggers a bright light to emanate from her.

Maetel fires her anti-matter pistol
Maetel fires her anti-matter pistol

Meanwhile, Tetsuro comes across many armored corpses while looking for the doctor and is eventually confronted by an armored man named Nutal who is the son of Dr. Subari, the doctor Tetsuro is looking for. Tetsuro asks Nutal for help but Nutal refuses and instead says that Tetsuro must be sacrificed to save the planet. Tetsuro is able to escape and eventually stumbles across Nutal's house where he enters and finds Dr. Subari. Dr. Subari turns out to be a bedridden old man who can't leave his home. Additionally, he tells Tetsuro that being a "doctor" on the Armored Planet means little more than being a welder. Nutal interrupts the two of them and continues his pursuit of Tetsuro despite his father's wishes. Eventually Tetsuro is trapped but Maetel shows up with an anti-matter gun and shoots Nutal in the leg. Together, she and Tetsuro escape back to the 999.

When they get their Tetsuro asks Maetel how she was healed and she says that she found another doctor. Tetsuro doubts this claim but he decides against pressing the issue since Maetel is alive and well and that's all that he wanted from the get go. As the 999 leaves the Armored Planet, Maetel tells him the planet's origin:

The citizens of the armored planet were originally kindhearted people who didn't want to see the weak preyed on by the strong. To make this a reality, they covered every life form on the planet in armor. While this indeed protected the weak, it led to a situation where no animal was preyed on and all life on the planet began to wither away due to a lack of food sources.

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