The Apocalypse of Devilman - Strange Days Characters

The Apocalypse of Devilman - Strange Days is an manga series in the Devilman franchise
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Akira Fudo

The main protagonist of the Devil Man series who after learning the existence of demons and merges with a demon in order to fight against them.


A demon from the Devilman series whose shell has the faces of those he has eaten.

Kira Udoa

A Devilman who is the lead singer in the band "The Flyers".


A little girl Kira and Ryuu saved from the Demon Jinmen. Her mother and class were devoured by him but she managed to escape. She too is a Devilman.

Makippe Mikumura

A friend of Kira, Ryuu and Rokurou who attends the same school as them. She is also a Devilman along with her younger sister.

Rokurou Ozu

The Drummer in the band "The Flyers" who is the boyfriend of Saki Mikimura.

Ryo Asuka

Ryo's dad found a demon sculpture and discovers the existence of Demons. He then gets his friend Akira Fudo to merge with a demon to fight them. Ryo is soon revealed to be Satan himself.

Ryuu Kasuga

The Bassist in the band "The Flyers" who is a Devilman.

Saki Mikimura

The younger sister of Makippe and girlfriend of Rokurou Ozu. Saki is also a Devilman whose legs have been transformed into vines.

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