The Animatrix Characters

The Animatrix is an anime movie in the The Matrix Franchise
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Agent Smith

The main antagonist in the series of The Matrix, he is Neo's rival and arch-nemesis. Once used to be an Agent in the Matrix, but turned rogue program after Neo destroys him in the first movie.


The woman who was the sex icon in the Animatrix short, "Matriculated"


The main protagonist in the short film, "A Detective Story" from the Animatrix DVD.


A resistance member seen in the Animatrix segment "Program".


A character from the Animatrix segment "Program". Duo trains with Cis in a Simulation but reveals something sinister to her.


Jue is a co-pilot on the Osiris, a ship captained by Thadeus from The Matrix Universe.


Neo is the main protagonist from the Matrix franchise. He is "The One", destined to save the human race from the machines. His real name is Thomas Anderson.


Thadeus is the captain of the Osiris and hails from the Matrix universe.

The Instructor

Character from the Animatrix who tells the story of the war between the machines and humans in the The Second Renaissance Parts 1 & 2.


Trinity is one of the main protagonists in The Matrix franchise.


Yoko is the main protagonist in the short film, 'Beyond' from the Animatrix DVD.

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