The Angry Planet

The Angry Planet is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 04/19/1979

Plot Summary

Suppressing anger is man’s greatest weakness.” - Narrator

Duke Mecha's assassins
Duke Mecha's assassins

In this episode, Tetsuro and Maetel are stopping on the Angry Planet. The Angry Planet is a planet filled with people who love each other but are easily upset and constantly fighting. As the GE999 ventures towards the planet, The Conductor warns Tetsuro and Maetel to be careful. Meanwhile, the leader of a cyborg assassination group sent by Duke Mecha is giving instructions to his men and tells them to kill Maetel and Tetsuro on sight.

Maetel and Tetsuro inspect the body of a cyborg assassin
Maetel and Tetsuro inspect the body of a cyborg assassin

After landing on the planet, Tetsuro explore the area and Tetsuro gets his first taste of the citizens on the planet when a grown man punches him in the face for no apparent reason. Moments later, an elderly couple breaks out into a fisticuffs in the middle of the street. During the chaos, one of the Duke Mecha’s assassins tries to kill Tetsuro but Maetel is able to thwart his plans. Maetel and Tetsuro decide to head back to the GE999 for safety but before they can, another assassin lassoes Tetsuro and drags him through the street. Tetsuro is able to shoot the man’s vehicle, causing it to crash, which kills the assassin and sends Tetsuro flying into a tofu shop, which knocks him unconscious.

The ringleader readies his aim
The ringleader readies his aim

When he awakens, Tetsuro finds himself in the care of the elderly couple from earlier and their two children. Elsewhere in the city, Maetel is searching for Tetsuro and discovers that another man is searching for him as well. Maetel eventually finds and confronts the man and a small fight breaks out between the two. Maetel easily bests him and is able to find out that the man works for Duke Mecha, a friend of Count Mecha. Before she can find out more, the ringleader of the assassins kills the man to silence him and flees the scene.

The assassin ringleaders takes a hostage
The assassin ringleaders takes a hostage

Elsewhere, Tetsuro is eating dinner with the elderly couple when the ringleader of the assassins enters their house and holds them hostage. The family is able to fight the man off and forces him to leave, but Tetsuro decides to leave their house so that they won’t be in any additional danger due to him. As he is walking down the street, the ringleader sneaks up behind him but is taken out by Maetel. Afterwards, the two of them return to the GE999 and continue on their journey.

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